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I can toss in that I love clown loaches but they are very prone to parasite infection and unless you are very, very active with your tank you are asking for trouble. I am not saying don't get them but that they do require extra effort.

I have an albino bristlenose pleco and he is great! I suggest getting one, maybe not albino but the bristlenose works great.

One final note is that while black phantoms are my favorite tetra they don't seem to be the hardiest. That mixed with the clown loach being prone to ich and other parasites might make for trouble.

Keep in mind I am pointing out negative factors from things I have learned in my own experience. I have been involved in the hobby for about half a year now so I am still pretty new.
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I know that this post is pretty old, But I successfully keep a female firemouth with 8 head and tail light tetras and three bronze cories, and Ive never had any aggression issues.
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I have a 29 with some Black Skirt Tetras, and Neon Tetras. I recently added a single Angel. I wanted a solitary fish to go along with my schoolers. I watched them for a few days to see how they would work out (had another tank to transfer just in case). Everyone worked out fine together. Now a week later, I am surprised to discover that my Angel spends most of his time schooling around with the Black Skirt. Sometimes he's in the middle of them, but half the time he seems to be leading them. Things worked out much better that expected.
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