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Awesome, good for you, helping out a friend, and saving some fish!!!
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Originally Posted by Super4Ever View Post
Just another update, the ammonia and nitrites are staying at 0 and nitrates are staying around 20 ppm so it looks like this tank has finally stabilized.
oh yay! I bet she is relieved about that!
tell her to toss in some marine salt.. not a bunch but some. They are really happy when they have salt in their water. I do marine, epsom and aquarium salt in my african tank.. very happy healthy mean bastards lol

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I just finally read through all your posts. Great job keeping that tank under control once you saw what was up! Props!

Have you tried testing the tap water to see what level of Nitrate is in there? Remember to tell her to shake the second bottle really hard for accuracy.

I know that when I was living near the shore where all the farms were my nitrate level was between 30ppm and 40ppm depending on the day.

When I moved back literally 2 hours away, the nitrate levels were down to 5ppm because I was in the city and no farms in the area.

The water near the farms was also really hard and I now have soft water. I would test the tap water to assure the high levels of Nitrate aren't coming from that. Once you have confirmed the Nitrate isn't coming from the tap, you could just do water changes to bring that down.'ll either have to live with the high nitrate levels OR use some kind of clean water mixture on water changes. I had to do that. Pain in the behind.

Hope it helps and good luck on this tank!

P.S. I almost forgot to add, according to it sounds like the tank is a 26G (actually 27G) bow front.

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So she's got a new problem in the tank now. Algae. And lots of it.

What algae eater is safe in a tank like this? I don't want to have her get something only to have it get killed.

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An algae scrubber or a clean tooth brush lol.. But seriously that is your only option with African cichlids .. Absolutely anything else will be eaten before it touches the algae..

It's going through "new tank syndrome " I guess. Good news is that algae is the natural food of most of those species in that tank. If she has it growing on the decor or ricks she should see the scraping that with their teeth . However don't expect them to clean it all. Extra filtration, shorter lighting period , good water change schedule is About all I can say .

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I've never kept full-out African cichlids, only the more docile West African Kribensis cichlid, but what I did find with them is that I suspected them of feasting on my ramshorn snails, but they didn't touch my nerites. And I do know from experience they are very good, efficient algae eaters......Agent 13.....would those fish eat nerites too?
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They'll eat anything . Including trying to eat your finger lol. They shred fake and real plants .. Murder is their favorite sport and not limited to edible items . Yes they'll kill any snail .

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