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Angelfish laid eggs. Tips?

Two of my angelfish recently paired off and, while I was on vacation they laid eggs on two anubias leaves. The parents are guarding the eggs so they seem to have the instinct to raise their babies so far.

This is going to sound ridiculous but I wasn't prepared for this to happen. The fish are just barely 6 months old and although I could tell they seemed to have paired off, I thought one was still too small to breed. Silly me!

They're in a 40 gallon tank with snails (bladder snails, MTS, ramshorns, a nerite) and a few amano shrimp. I'm a little worried that the size of the tank and the critters might pose a danger to the eggs/fry. I do have other tanks to move the fry to at some point.

I am also wondering what I need to have ready in terms of food and supplies? The tank is well established so I assume the fry will be able to eat infusoria at first. I do have some fry foods on hand (live vinegar eels, frozen baby brine shrimp, Repashy Spawn & Grow, some powder fry foods intended for guppy fry). Do I need to get some live baby brine shrimp hatching?

I have raised lots of other fish but they were always either from livebearers or mouth-brooding betta species, so the fry have previously been much bigger when I need to start caring for them. I'm not used to eggs/wigglers!

I appreciate any advice you can provide
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