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I’m fairly new to fish. I bought a 55 gallon used tank and have had it for about 6 weeks now. I have 4 juhli Cory, 4 mollies, 2 electric blue rams and two marble angelfish. I added the angelfish three weeks ago with no issues. Two days ago one of the angels was stuck to the filter and died during the night. Today I bought a new marble angel and added to the tank. They were swimming together fine for about 5 mins and the angel I had previously started chasing and biting at the new one. They are both younger angels I would say both are about the size of a quarter. I’m guessing this means I have two males? Will this behaviour calm down after they get settled or is this going to be an ongoing issue and should think of seeing if they will take the new angel back?

I should ad that the angelfish is not aggressive to any of the other fish in the tank.

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Angels are usually only aggressive towards their own species, unless they are guarding eggs. You could try to rearrange the tank, get a third angel, or just stick with the one. Make sure that there are plenty of hiding spots and breaks in line of sight... tall plants, decor etc. They are very individual in personality so it's hard to predict compatibility. My most aggressive angel is a female, but I have four total in a planted 80g tank and aggression is minimal. They've grown up together from finger nail size which helps. The first could have died from tank conditions, which can also make fish more aggressive. A stressed person is more likey to snap at another haha, same idea.
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Hey Genos thanks for the information.

When you say tank conditions are you saying water quality or rather how the tank is set up that he may have been bullied from the other angel? I didn’t see anything but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I have my tank set up now with a large rock decoration in the middle with air bubble behind which kind of separates the tank into two sections. I have lots of plants and some driftwood. Wanted to make sure because it was a community tank there would be space for everyone to get away. So far it’s been peaceful until adding the new angel yesterday.

They have appeared to calm down and are even hanging out beside each other but I will be keeping an eye on them to make sure. Doesn’t look like the new angel is injured or has any damage to its fins.
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I was referring to water quality.
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My levels are
Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0
Nitrates 10
Ph 7.0
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