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african stocking suggestions!

I'm in the process of setting up my first african tank and would like stocking suggestions. Using a 75G tank with a 25G sump for added water area/stability/stockability/filtration and possibly a 10G planted annex tank to filter out some extra nitrates.
I have everything planned except for the important part... the inhabitants. any and every suggestion appreciated.
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which african cichlids are you considering?? there are 3 main lakes with several diff species. i am in the process of stocking my 55 gallon with lake malawi mnuba cichlids

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i'll admit, I'm not very familiar with the diff. species and compatibility. I like the look of peacocks and yellow labs. I prefer vibrancy.
Any major Dos or Don'ts?
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i agree with you on both of those fish.....angel079 used to have, i think a 75, stocked with nothin but yellow labs and it was beautiful. yellow labs are of the mnuba species. peacocks are also from lake malawi.....i think if you stock your tank with peacocks you will have a very nice display...mollies (a member on here) is good with the african cichlids....hopefully he will chime in well as rrcoolj...they have both helped me tramendously with both my african and south american cichlid tank

"Fish are friends not food"
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Thank you molliefan. Take a look at this site, read up on them. It will tell you a lot with pics
If i were you I would go with
2 yellow labs
2 kenyi's
2 red zebra's
for starters it is all ways good to over stock a cichlid tank to minimize agrestion. With that said. A few questions for you.
What kind of substrait are you going to use?
What are you going to decore with?
What kind of water do you have?
Also african cichlids are pron diggers. They can tear a tank up in a hury. So you will want to make sure all of you decore is down firm to the bottom of the tank. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
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Lol thanks molliefan...

If you like peacocks then yellow labs would be a good mix. But you have to descide what you want. Do you want to breed these fish? If so, you can only really do one species because female peacocks look so similar that hybridization is high which you don't want. Or you could do an all male peacock tank and just pick several male peacock species you like and of corse a male lab and your all set. Like mollies said overstock the tank either way which will prevent aggression issues. Go to this website(Species Profiles) and look at the peacock section and pick like 6-8 that you really like. I would definatly order from because they will actually sex your fish for you so you can order all males or male and females of whatever you get.

Good luck on the tank hopefully we will get some pics soon.
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my kribs wouldn't be compatible would they? no a big deal as i have someone coming to get them today. I plan to use dark brown basic aquarium gravel and a bunch of large rock. nothing that i am remotely concerned about being torn up.
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oh, and no plans to breed. I will check out the different breeds. don't even have my plumbing started yet. still need to plan, plumb, create sump tank, decorate, cycle and even possibly plant the 10G annex tank before i start to stock. I want to take my time and do this really well. PLUS, don't know of many companies who will ship live ANYTHING to Atlantic Canada in the winter.
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email i think they will. If i were you I would use sand. as that is what is in there natural habitate.
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Yes use sand because in thier natural habitat they actually sift through the sand and gravel would be very uncomftorable for them. Plus IMO it looks nicer.
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