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I've seen Petsmart carrying Gold Nuggets, but they are too pricey. Do a search for any local aquarium clubs in your area, such as cichlid associations. If they have a forum, you can probably search in there classified section. There is usually a breeder close enough. Breeders are your best and cheapest place to get plecos. The other option is through websites, like planetcatfish.com.
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Several Items:

WRT BB's comments:

My plecs do not even come out much at night but what "little" I see them during the day is well worth it to me.

They are indeed not "hardy" fish. I am new to the hobby after 35 years and during the course of several periods of "stupidity" I have lost some of my plecs when all other fish survived.
They are also very, very sensitive to oxygen saturation.

Species of Plecs:

In one post someone mentioned planetcatfish.com.
Go to Catelog.
It will take quite some time to go through all of them (most have very good pic's) but IMHO worth the time.


$20 is too low for the very "pretty" plecs.
IMHO I would procure fewer but "prettier" plecs.


I keep plecs which have similar diets.
I "overfeed" in order that feeding "aggressiveness" is not a problem.


Procurement of plecs can be "tough".
If you come up with some plecs for which you cannot find a vendor please PM me and I will give you the name of a member who is the "keys to the kingdom" wrt to plec vendors.

Hope this post helps a little.

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Make sure you check his belly and eyes as well before you buy him!

Skinny, sunken belly and/or sunken eyes is a no go, he probably won't make the trip. Yes the cat-e-log on planetcatfish is a great reference tool for the diff typ of sp. i'd probably lead you towards hypancistrus due to your size requirements, there are small panaqulos that max out at 5/6 inch but as CRMike said diet requirements come into play there more so than with Hypans imo.


there's a storm a coming........
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If you find a pleco breeder, you can buy nice looking plecos for under $20. More than likely, they would be juveniles, so you just need to grow them out for awhile. I'm sure most breeders will ship if you don't have any local. Just make sure they have some kind of live guarantee.
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Originally Posted by Gump
Originally Posted by Alexis
For a NON plant eating small plec, my vote is for bristlenoses.
Love 'em.
all of my BN destroyed plants, even java ferns.
Ya need to feed 'em.
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Originally Posted by jsm11482
So everyone is mentioning IDs "Lxxx" so where can I look up plecos but id and read about em? Also, would a place like petco/petsmart carry plecos or would i have to get my smaller lfs to special order em?
My suggestion is to look at Planetcatfish.com to decide what you like, then compare prices online and through your LFS first before buying. There are some VERY reputable online sellers that are not very expensive.
Happy Hunting!
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Originally Posted by Alexis
Ya need to feed 'em.
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Thanks for the replies - I havent been getting emails telling me about the replies but just checked tonight... :(. I went out and got 2x small clown plecos and 2x 3-4" catfish. I can't remember the exact kind but it sounded like "palmerro" or "palmaderro" I will check on planet catfish.

90gal: 2x Tangerine Discus, 2x Clown Pleco, 2x Catfish.
75gal + 10gal sump: 2x Large Goldfish, 1x Common Pleco, 14x Leopard Danios
55gal: 5x Angelfish, 1x Common Pleco, 8x SIlver Tip Tetras, 16x Neon Tetras, 8x Albino Corys
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