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Quiz results for Plecos

Quiz Results
1: "Pleco" is short for ______. Your answer was plecostomus, the correct answer was plecostomus

2: Plecos are in the ______ family. Your answer was Loricariidae, the correct answer was catfish

3: Plecos like to eat ______ off the glass. Your answer was Micro organisms, the correct answer was algae

4: Plecos originate in South ______. Your answer was America, the correct answer was america

5: Sailfin plecos are easily recognizable by their larger _____ fin. Your answer was Dorsal, the correct answer was dorsal

Correct Answers: 1 Incorrect Answers: 4

The test answers are wrong :(

Plecos do not like to eat algae off the glass, they eat it to avoid starving.
Many plecos die because of this, some will not touch algae period.
But plecos do graze on things to eat the Micro organisms on them

I don't know how I got 1 and 4 wrong though.
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i did that to. i put in loricariidae instead of catfish. i think we got a bit more technical than the quiz LOL. i put in alage but as i see now i was wrong.
Thanks for teaching me something new. :D
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Is'nt that 2 corect Claude and where is this quiz anyway?
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quizzes is up on the top bar and then click on the ctafihs one.
then play the game and have fun! 8)
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Originally Posted by flatcam1
quizzes is up on the top bar and then click on the ctafihs one.
then play the game and have fun! 8)
Okay then!
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