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Possible Sick Cory Cat - Help?

Hi all, I'm new here but I joined with hopes of finding help for one of my cories. I have 5 in a 20 gallon, and tonight I noticed that one looks very swollen/bloated, is breathing a little heavy, and has maybe a bit of popeye. All the others are perfectly fine, it's just this one having issues which doesn't lead me to suspect poor water quality or bacterial infection. It is still swimming just fine so no swim bladder issue, and it is still scavenging and eating what it can find. I feel so bad for the little thing, it just kinda sways on it's big belly and it's fins don't touch the substrate when it rests. One of my cories (perhaps this one) is very food motivated, is it possible it just gorged itself and has a big full belly now? Would that explain the breathing and popeye if it was swollen from eating too much? Also don't feel confidant enough sexing catfish to know if it's just an egg bound female or not. Added an attachment for reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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digestive system could be clogged. put him/her in a hospital tank. i like using a 1 gallon betta tank for mine. add 1 tablespoon of epsom salt..do that for every gallon. make sure its mixed up and dissolved before adding directly to the fish. dont feed him/her for a couple days and allow his/her digestive system to catch up. if a female and is pregnant. i dont think the salt will cause much of a problem.if i come across anything different ill add it on here.but to be safe. place the fish in a hospital tank. you can even cut the dosage in half just to be safe as well though a normal dosage shouldnt hurt.

im a little rusty on my diagnosing so if anyone else says differently, please say so. but from what i can see in the picture and the info given. he is just constipated perhaps.

post any updates.
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Update: He's still bloated but not lethargic at all and no changes in behavior. I've been feeding peas the last two days but am wondering when the peas will finally work and help him go poop. I don't want to keep feeding peas as my other fish are fine but I don't want him eating more pellets and continuing the problem. Also, I noticed late yesterday that this same Cory has two little clear bubbles on both sides of his dorsal fin. I looked it up and it seems to maybe be a bacterial thing, some say it goes away on its own and some say to treat it, so I under dosed my water with melafix to try and help. I just want the little guy to feel better
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sick corry

your baby has probably "popeye". Apsom salt will realy help to clean the stomach, peas also good idea. But for eyes and bubles on the body I would recommend Maracyn Two" by Mardel. It will take care of bacterial infection, poped eyes and "bubles". I had this problem before with 3 of my peper corry - one died; two survived and happily breading.Just do not mix meds and lower salt in half or even quarter. Corry do not like salt and in combination with strong meds will be under a lot of stress, may die.
Good luck!
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