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Pleco sick every time I do a pwc.

75 gal
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 10
Ph 7

1 pleco 7 in
2 upside down catfish about 1
3 zebra loach about 2 in each
9 green tiger barbs
5 harlequin raspbora

I do every 2 week to weekly pwc because of high nitrates ... thank you pleco. Usually 1/4 to 1/3 water. Anyway the pleco gets sick for about a day + everytime. Clinched fins, swimming to the surface to gulp air, the top of his head and certain parts of his body turn white, sometimes he starts to float off of the gravel then he goes back down. Use to scare me thinking I would have a dead pleco in the morning but like I said it happens every time. He still eats when the lights go out. I use prime 1-2 drops per gallon of replacement water. I only treat the water I'm putting back in and not directly in the tank. I measure for each individual 5 gal bucket. I always make sure my water temp is as close as I can get to what they have (drives my hubby crazy). Started wondering if he is having a reaction to the prime. Today's water change I used Tetra Aquasafe Plus and he is having the same reaction. Could it just be stress? I'll put Seachem Stress Coat in tonight which I do in the evening after the water change for the pleco. Any thoughts? I posted on my pleco before. It is not a fungus... the white will be gone by tomorrow morning.

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What do you use for water? To me, it sounds like theres something in the water that is causing the issue - like old pipes leaching *chemicals* (broadly speaking) into your water supply...
Have you tried changing the source of water - like rainwater or even though it may be expensive - bottled water and have the same results?

Edit: what is the parameters (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate) of the source water - not tank water, but the new water....

(Gosh, thats a lot of water; sorry bout that, hope you understand what Im saying... reccomend do not take a shot every time I mention water... :/ )
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Hermit Crab Association (HCA) is a great resource for hermit crab care

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Lol yes a lot of water...I will have to test it when I get home.

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Glo Light Danios had the same problem...

It wound up being that the tap water was chlorinated with a cheaper type of chem (uses smaller doses but takes longer to work.) Prime/Safe could not neutralize it as fast.

Please consider....

1) Stop driving your husband nuts. Buy a Python system and a digital thermometer with a cord to the probe. Open base of Python sink attachment into glass container, put the probe in the container, and remember it takes 3-5 seconds for probe to notice temp changes you make with knobs.

2) That frees up the 5 gals for this. An hour or so before a water change, fill two 5 gals with water 8ish degrees warmer than the tank, and then split your regular water conditioner dosage between them. Later, stir them and check the temp with the probe, when they match the tank add them and fire up the Python to finish filling. Adjust plan as needed because the warmth is just to prevent the water from getting too cold while the conditioner works and I am not sure how much water you are changing out. Close to 50% slow treated works best for me. My "gloios" still act a little off for a couple hours after a water change but they stopped turning white/dying.

Oh and I totally cheat by putting the empty buckets high up on a rolling rack that holds garden supplies, roll it next to the tank, fill them with Python (the model I have has an on/off at the end,) and drain them with a piece from a broken garden hose.

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Fighting. i hope that everything will be fine for you - xoc dia
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1 / Prepare the immersion tank
- Suck the main tank water to the treatment tank (the tank is less than about 20 liters) about 50% of the tank volume so the amount of water is about 10L.
- Turn on 30oC heating
- Effervescent plug
2 / Give medicine
- Give 10 drops of Methylene Blue
- Add 30g of salt
3 / Treatment
- After 2 hours, pump the old tank water to the full tank (drug concentration is reduced by 50%). (drain the main tank water so the fish won't get shocked when entering another environment)
- Change the water the next day. (Drug concentration continues to decrease.)
- Next day release fish into the main tank. (Fish can rest and eat normally)
- Repeat treatment the next day
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