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Post List of Most Common Catfishes

Fish Name Fish length (inches)
Chocolate Catfish 6
Other names(Spiny Catfish, Channel Catfish,Talking Catfish)
White-spotted Talking Catfish 5.5
Hancock's Amblydoras 5
Temminck's Bristlenose 5.5
Midnight Catfish 5
Other name(Zamora Woodcat)
Banjo Catfish 5
Callichthys 7
Ornate Catfish 7.5
Walking Catfish 22
Porthole Catfish 4
Flagtail Porthole Catfish 5
Other name(Stripe-tailed Catfish)
African Glass Catfish 3
Other name( Three-striped Glass Catfish)
Twig Catfish 8
Hoplo 8
Suckermouth Catfish 12
Other Names( Common Plecostumus, Plecostumus, Pleco)
Glass Catfish 4
Bumblebee Catfish 5.5
Other name( Barred Siamese Catfish)
Pearl Catfish 7
Dwarf Sucker Catfish 2
Blue-eyed Panaque 11
Pretty Peckoltia 4
Red-tailed Catfish 47
Ornate Pimelodus 10
Bumblebee Catfish 5
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish 35
Whiptail Catfish 5
Angelicus 8
Other name( Polka-dot Synodontis)
Upside-down Catfish 3
Green Catfish 3.25
Bronze Corydoras 3.25
Bearded Corydoras 3.5
Other name( Filigree Corydoras)
Elegant Corydoras 2.5
Harald Shultz's Corydoras 3
Blackfin Corydoras 2.5
Other name( False Spotted Catfish)
Napo Corydoras 2.5
Peppered Corydoras 3.25
This information is taken from a Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Handbook on Aquarium Fish. The Author of this post takes no credit for the information posted here. If you know of any other Common Catfishes or have heard different information on the lengths or optional names on some of the fish please fill me in with a reply post.

60-gallon:1common Pleco, 1 bristle-nose Pleco,9 neon tetras,2 pearl gouramis, 1 gold twin-bar platie, 2 pineapple swordtails, 1 golden panda molly.
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