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Possible brackish tank

While I wait on my tank to cycle, I have a few questions, and I'm looking into different combinations of fish. I have a 29 gallon aquarium. I am looking at archer fish, puffers (I know they're aggressive - is there a least aggressive kind?), freshwater flounders (soles), ropefish, and any other brackish fish that will work in a 29 gallon. Which of these fish could get along and live in a 29 gallon tank? And if you've been following my post about possible fish for a 29 gallon aquarium, should I go with a freshwater or brackish setup?

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ropefish will eat your tetras and archers are picky eaters the flounders might work though.In my opinon the african butterfly suonds better for you heres a page on them http ://aqualandpetsplus.com/Oddball,%20African%20Butterflyfish.htm
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Someone who knows more about this sort of thing might have to correct me on this, but I'm not certain that you can cycle a tank as freshwater and then add salt to it to convert it to brackish. The nitrifying bacteria in freshwater and saltwater systems might be different, in other words.

What about knight gobies? Cool fish.

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Yes, you will have to slowly increase salt gravity, otherwise your bacteria will be killed off by the sudden salt exposure.
I have not kept any brackish puffers. The archer and rope fish grow too large for a 29 gal, IMO.
I have knight Gobies and a flounder in my brackish tank. They are both fun fish, that could live in your size tank. Orange Chromides could also work, but need a well established tank.
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night gobies and soles (freshwater flounders) should work. make shur you read up on both these fish before you get them though
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