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Beginner to Brackish Water Need Help

I have recently setup a 30 gallon brackish water tank and I stocked it with two figure eight puffers and a mono. I was wondering what other types of fish I could put in there with them. Since I've heard that puffer fish aren't really community fish a lot of people have told me to do a species tank but it doesn't seem that interesting with only puffers. I would be very grateful of any advice
P.S. Any info on types of snails, crabs etc. that can be put in would would be great
Thank you,
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I haven't done brackish water but I can tell you that puffers are really mean when it comes to their teritory. If I recall correctly the figure 8's require 10-15 gallons a piece. They are messy fish and will pollute water quick.

Snails won't survive in a puffer tank, you'd be lucky for them to hit bottom lol. I'm not sure about crabs, but the puffers may turn them into a meal also, if not you have the chance of the puffer getting too close to check out the crab and get snipped. They are a very curious fish.

Also the monos get fairly big and require a min of, I think, around 70g for a small school.

Hope this is helpful.
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Yeah, there aren't *any* inverts that will survive in that tank. You could probably get some bumblebee gobies or some other brackish goby to work (which they may or may not eat), but that's about it. The mono is going to get 8+ inches and need fully marine water eventually, so it's probably not the best mix for the puffers. Unlike the often confused green spotted puffer, they do best in lower range salinity.

Speaking of salinity, what is your SG right now?
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hi you can put mollies in brakish water,as they can go from fresh to saltwater.also check out brakish water catfish.
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Hi, if your still looking in on your post have a few interesting brackish fish. I love the dragon goby it's blue/purple and gets long so it'll be a good bottom fish.
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black mollies maybe?


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i think the puffers will nip the mollies fins
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The unsuitability of the mono has been covered.

In a 30 with 2 F8s, you're going to be limited to bottom fish, and you're going to need to make sure that they have plenty of hiding places. The classic combo is F8s with bumblebees. A Dragon/Violet goby will outgrow a 30, and won't be able to dodge the puffers. You might could get by with a knight goby or waspfish or 2 or 3, but do your research on those 2. The waspfish in particular think long and hard before getting. In addition to any territoriality issues, salinity misfits, and feeding issues you might turn up, they are also venomous.

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