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What kind of Live rock and live sand should i get?

Hi i am going to get a 10 gal salt water tank
what kind of coral should i get?
i want some clownfish. So i want an anemone. Can you help?
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i cant help you sorry but ive read some of your posts when are you getting the tank? :D
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Yes, I can help. I advise that as you set this up, keep all your posts on it in one thread, I will help you as best I can. We will communicate regularly.

OT, Here is a list of nano-reef safe corals. In your tank, depending on the lighting you'll be getting, you may only be able to keep some softies:

Cabbage Leather
Chili Coral
Colt Coral
Finger Leather
Green Star Polyps (GSP)
Pom Pom Xenia
Pulsing Xenia
Various Zoanthids

Like I said, there are other species you can carry, but are far more difficult due to requirements/sensitivity.

I do not recommend purchasing an anemone. Generally they are quite stingy and will hurt/kill your other corals, and possibly your fish (dep. on what you get).

Your cuc will consist of various snails/crabs. I recommend some Astreas, Nasarrius, hermits, possibly a GEC.

As far as fish go, very few species can be happy inside your tank. The following is a list of potential inmates who can live inside smaller tanks, ranging from miniature pico-reefs to 10gs :

-Blue Neon Goby
-Catalina Goby [cold water]
-Clown Gobies
-Eviota Gobies
-Panda (Clown) Goby
-Redhead Goby
-Trimma Goby
-Yellow Neon Goby
-Citron Goby
-Green Banded Goby (added by c'est ma)
-Green Chromis Damsel
-Yellowtail blue Damsel
-Ocellaris Clownfish
-Percula Clownfish
-Yellow Assessor
-Blue Assessor
-Chalk Bass
-Lantern Bass
-Bicolor Blenny
-Tailspot Blenny (added by Steelhealr)
-Yellowtail Fang Blenny (V)
-Threadfin Cardinalfish
-Three Spot Damsel
-Talbot’s Damsel
-Three Stripe Damsel
-Firefish Goby
-Helfrich’s Firefish ($!)
-Purple Firefish Goby
-Bicolor Psuedochromis
-Diadem Pseudochromis
-Fridmani (Orchid) Pseudochromis
-Purple Pseudochromis
-Scooter Blenny [with caution, not for beginners]
-Red Scooter Blenny [with caution, not for beginners]
-Painted Frogfish
-Wartskin Frogfish
-Blackray Shrimp Goby
-Orange Stripe Goby
-Orangespotted Goby
-Randall’s Shrimp Goby
-Yasha Hasha Goby
-Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby
-Yellow Watchman Goby
-Rainfordi Goby
-Royal Gramma
-Falco Hawkfish
-Flame Hawkfish
-Pearly (Yellowhead) Jawfish
-Possum Wrasse

Do not deviate from this list. Also, this list is from another site, I do not take credit, nor have I any personal experience, so others may chime in at their will regarding the accuracy/inaccuracy.

. . . but for the most part, it should be accurate.

That should cover your livestock questions. As far as LR and LS is concerned, you should buy cured, light live rock. This allows for maximum filtration potential and should shave a week or two off your cycling time. Live sand in a 10 can be about 3" - 4" deep, mine is 3 in my 8 gallon. I used CaribSea Live Aragonite, 10 lbs. worth.

In a 10g, you should try setting up a fuge. It is a lot easier this way and has many benefits. Also, it's fun to manage another 'mini-tank'.

Good luck. Remember, patience is key. 8)
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Ok so from now on this post is going to continue here http://fishforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=12113&start=15 do not continue on this post but on my original one (the link) thanks.
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