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Reef Tank Livestock list Questions

After research I've narrowed down the list of inhabitants one of my two 54 corner reef tanks will hold. Please have a look at the list below and respond with your thoughts. I will assign a letter to them so It'll be easier to answer the top question I have for all of these awesome creatures.

(A) Neon Goby -
Quantity = 1
Max Size = 2"
Question = Are these fish compatible with BS Shrimp Gobies?

(B) Blue Spotted Shrimp Goby -
Quantity = 1
Max Size = 4"
Question = How deep should the sand be for this fish and a Red banded Pistol shrimp?

(C) A. Percula or A. Ocellaris
Quantity = 2
Max Size = 4"
Question = What is the easiest/hardiest anemone these clowns will accept?

(D) Bangaii Cardinal
Quantity = 2 to 4
Max Size = 3.5"
Question = Should I get 2 , 3 or 4 ? Is it possible to breed them successfully in a display tank?

(E) Red Banded Pistol Shrimp
Quantity = 1
Max Size = 2"
Question = Should I occasionally get Ghost shrimp to feed them?

(F) Fire Shrimp
Quantity = 1
Max Size = 2"
Question = Why should I get 2 of these? Is it imperative to there "stress level"?

(G) Banded Coral Shrimp
Quantity = 1
Max Size = ?
Question = Are any of the above shrimp and or fish destructive to Softies , Corals and/or Anemones ?


(X) Is the above list an OK fish load for a 54 Gallon Corner Reef tank?

(Y) Are there too many shrimp?

(Z) Does anyone want to buy a Kidney so I can pay for all of this?
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I'm sorry I can't help with stocking, but I'm so laughing about the kidney comment! >.<
Hope you get the input (and funds!) you need, cuz' I can't wait to see you get this beauty together!
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A: Do you mean Blue Spot goby? If so I am not too sure about it as the blue spot pavanoides gets rather large and I bet would try and eat a much smaller fish.

B: You can get away with a inch,inch and a half if you want and they will move it around. You can always add more if you are unpleased with the look. Make sure your rock work is secure and touching the bottom of the tank.

C: A bubble tip anemone that is captive raised and local,green or a rose.

D: If your tank has enough room you can keep a few but usualy they are best in pairs.

E: Nah just go with some frozen foods of reputable brands.

F: I have kept fire shrimp singly in several tanks for some time without issues,I would love any input as to why you would want two over one.

G: Everythign you have listed is reefsafe although some times the pistols will steal loos coral for there den.

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About the fire shrimp, I had read somewhere (I believe it was live that they are social with there own kind and you should get two in an effort to relieve stresses from captive life. I'd prefer to have the fish load available for other creatures so it would be more diverse but I am perfectly fine with having multiple specimens of this awesome creature
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Any other opinions on the stocking list?
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Gotta say, I love the stocking list!
It sounds super awesome!
Love the kidney comment, i get back to ya when I need one - if so, could I get bulk??

540L/140G - 'Tidal Jungle' (Crabs) | 254L/67g - 'Backwater Pool' (Fish/Snails) | 96L/25G - ''Twisted Minds" (Fish/Snails)

I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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VerdantGrotto (09-14-2013)
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I could use some help with an invertebrate / coral stocking list. I'm thinking softies , a mushroom or two and some kind of anemone or whatever a clown couple will take too ( I know it's not required but I like the interaction )
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Sump DIY

I have purchased two 20Gallon tanks to use as sumps for these Reef tanks. I have two 54 Gallon Corners that will eventually become Reef tanks.

I am in the middle of creating the baffle walls for the sumps using small acrylic sheets. Everything was going well until I tried to use a jigsaw. In hind-sight I would suggest to other DIY folks to use a thicker material than .093"... Quarter inch should be sufficient if the cuts are performed in junction with masking tape and the edge being cut close to a firm backing piece. Such as clamping it to a work table. I have .093" thick acrylic sheets and the jigsaw cracked it.
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Well that sucks. On another note the thinner acrylic can bow more wich can lead to stress in the seams that you try and seal. Sometimes they bend enough to cause the sides of the baffle to leak.

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I assume the baffle walls are essentially for controlling the turbulence in the sump. Basically they're a wave break. My thoughts were that since there wasn't a heavy load against the wall that this stuff would be sufficient. In hindsight, I wish I would have purchased a thicker sheet of acrylic instead of trying to save money with a thin sheet. They just start getting really expensive after the 0.093" thick material. This entire system is a learning process for me which is great because I have a second 54G Corner Reef I will be building after this one. I did get the baffle walls fabricated though. They came out OK. Without the specialized equipment that manufacturers have it makes it a little less accurate. I successfully made the cuts with a Router and a small bit. I simply clamped the baffle to a small sheet of plywood to use as backing support piece and made the cut. FYI... If your try to cut more than one at a time they will fuse together because the acrylic gets so hot that it melts (They were literally welded together) Let's just say I'm glad they'll be under the cabinet. They're not much to look at but they'll do just fine.

Also, The stocking list has changed slightly. Instead of a Blue spot Goby I'd like to get the DIAGONAL BAR PRAWN GOBY. I found them on liveaquaria.

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