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Hopefully you'll find a shrimp soon. It is pretty cool to watch what they do.

I was looking at the goby you got. The only reason I went with this one was it seems they have less of a tendancy to be jumpers. Time will tell though.
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The other thing I'm hoping is he will be more friendly if he has a shrimp. I've had him about three weeks, maybe a month, and I bet I see him twice a week. I have no idea where he hides or what he eats but he isn't overtly skinny. He ate fine when I trapped him a couple weeks ago at night and kept him in a breeder net a couple days. Since then he's been hiding though. Glad yours is doing well!
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Thanks! Yeah, I don't see a whole lot of mine. I mean, you can see him through the rocks but he never comes out from behind them. I'm acclimating a hectors goby, a clown fish, some type of anchor/hammer/frogspawn (lol) coral and my first piece of leather coral as I type. Hope for some pics tonight or tomorrow.

And I really am not sure what type of coral this is. It looks quite a bit differant from my hammer coral. lfs guy called it anchor but it looks a bit differant from the images I can find online.
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Ah very nice. I'm not positive but I think there's a couple different types of hammer coral and I believe one is a branching type and another is like what you have an anchor looking one that grows into a big round ball. I know the frogspawns and hammers are all somewhat similar. Pretty neat for sure. Leathers are cool too especially when they get really big. I'm hitting the LFS tomorrow for some coral, cleanup crew, pistol shrimp and maybe some type of critter for my 20. I had a couple larger hermits go rogue and pull my snails out of they're shells this week.
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Awe man, that sucks for the snails. I haven't had that problem yet but I' sure I will run into it at some point. Hope you're able to find some if not all of what you're looking for.
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ugh! Woke up this morning to the clown trying to host the new anchor/hammer/frogspawn (whatever it is) coral. Is this going to be an issue for the coral or will it "get used to it"?
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Coral will be fine, no worries. Clowns will almost host darn near anything.
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Mine periodically try to host a small clump of those yellow colony polyps....I don't know why, kind of comical seeing too fervent sized clowns trying to cram themselves into a couple little tiny corals. They just close right up until the clowns leave no worse for wear.
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A couple new photos of new additions.

New anchor/hammer coral with Benny the blennie off to the right.

New Hector hover goby and a leather coral my wife picked out. (and an upset star polyp)

Clown, was labeled as a perc but the more I look around, the more I think it's an occelaris?? And don't ask for a better photo of him. That's like trying to take a photo of a hyper active kid on crack, lol. Not to mention, I got a razor scraper today to get the corraline off the front glass and he would not leave me alone, lol. It was hilarious, I was actullay worried that I might nic him with the razor.

Another shot of Hector, original hammer and the new leather. You can also see a bit of the mushroom. It started as one and has become five. I need to get a good pic of it.

And finally, the high finned red banded goby. A little rock work movement and at least now you can see him. The pistol shrimp however

Thanks for looking. Also, thanks to those who've answered so many questions and helped along the way.

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Looking FANTASTIC Sully!!! Job very well done!!! Good to see.
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