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Starting a New Cherry Shrimp Tank

I am starting my first Cherry shrimp tank. I picked up a new 10 gallon that I want to divide so I can have two different color shrimp. Screen or solid divider? In any case, I'm thinking one corner sponge filter for each side, java moss on each side with pool filter sand substrate. What size air pump do I need? I picked up a used tank stand and it came with an unused Tetra 10 pump. One or two heaters? I was planning to start the filters in my fish tank to jump start the cycling. How long should I leave them in there? I have some algae covered drift wood in the fish tank that will go into the shrimp tank when it's ready.

Now that I gave you my ideas, what mistakes am I making? Thanks
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Do you need dividers? I have cherry, yellow and blue shrimp together and their colors have remained true. Even if they cross bred, the offspring my have interesting colors.
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Just trying to keep the colors pure so they will have a distinct appearance when they go into the community tank. In the 10 gallon, I think having two sides different colors will make it pop.
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I put an Indian Almond Leaf from Aquatic Arts in my shrimp tank today. They love it. There are already holes eaten through.
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