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Plants to Driftwood/Rock

Ok im establishing a 75 gal tank and i need to know if i can put the plants in right away or do i need to wait 2 weeks for the tank to cycle? Also how will i add anubias and java ferns to driftwood? 1 more Do i need to tie the Driftwood to a small piece of slate for it to stay down? Any other advice would be really really appreciated
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You can add the plants straight away, but as the plants will take up some ammonia they *may* slow down your cycle. If it is a fishless cycle, that may sound like bad news, but in a fish cycle your plants will be of benefit, even if the cycle is slowed.

Opinion appears to be split on this effect of having plants in a (fishless) cycling tank, but I believe that it slowed my fishless cycle down and the fact that some people planning a heavily planted but very lightly planted tank do not cycle seems to support this. I wouldn't recommend cycling with plants, except for the very experienced fishkepper (I exclude myself from that btw in case you think I may be patronising you - I'm not!).

You can use polyester thread or fishing line (for example) to tie the plants down, but others prefer elastic bands as they will degrade in time, by which point the roots will usually be gripping the wood not to need the elastic anymore. The thing to be wary of in using anything to tie down plants is that you don't leave threads hanging, or have any loose areas, since fish can get stuck easily (I've had a bad experience with hairnet, thread and a very lucky plec).

As to your last question, I don't know tbh. I've used bogwod, mopani and sumatran wood with no floating - it has all sunk. I suspect that soaking it for a pronlonged period may do the trick, but as to how long *shrug*. You can use some flat slate to use as a base and just screw it in with some galvanised screws or the like - actually, this is a good idea since it can mean that you can place to wood as desired (ie in an angle to suit you) and you'll have added stability.
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hurray finally someone answered one of my questions. Well thanks i am only going to have minimum plants. So i might or might not cycle with plants. depending on how the driftwood works i might or might not add slate. Thanks for the advice...ill post pics after i get it..(if i get it)
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Very good answers. As far as tying driftwood down until it loses buoyancy, I've actually placed it before adding any gravel in my tank, especially when using a ugf. I just tie it to the filter plate with 6# Trilene UltraThin(a fishing line). In about 6 months, I cut the line. It was time for a rescape. lol
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Hi, just wondering if you boiled the wood first? Some wood leaches tanins that can dark the water a bit if not boiled for a while. The water might look like a weak tea for a bit. The boiling can help with both the leaching and sinking. I have used cotton sewing thread as that disinigrates all on its own. How big a piece are you using? Might be bigger that any pot you have. Some have put it in a big bucket and let it sit until it sinks, Petco is now seeling sunken wood but the pieces may not be big enough for what you want. Let us know how you do.
Stay well Mick[/u]
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I have two pieces of driftwood in my tank. Before I placed them in the tank I got myself two 5 gallon buckets from home depot and placed the driftwood in the buckets then filled the buckets with water. It seemed that as I filled the buckets the air was being removed from the wood, I let the wood soak for a day then drained the water as I poured out the water it was very brown. I filled the buckets again and let the wood soak for another day. As I emptied the bucket again the water was much clearer a little brown like watered down tea but alot clearer than the day before. I then put the driftwood in tank as I did I slowly rotated and flipped the wood over to release any air pockets and once I did that the wood just sunk.

Sorry to be so long winded, hope this helps
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