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New tank stocking and questions

Hello, I have a 29 gallon still cycling, showing nitrite and nitrates now. It is planted with anacharis, Anubis, java fern and a moss stick. It is half sand and half gravel with a couple of decorations. My ph is 7.2 and my water is soft. The tank is 75 Fahrenheit and I have a penguin biowheel filter. I am putting in 3 platies from my 10 gallon for sure. And then am thinking about adding glofish(the modified zebra danios not the dyed ones) and possibly black neon tetras( i really like black and white fish and haven’t seen any others besides mollies which I do not want) as well as Kuhli Loaches for the bottom dwellers. Do you guys have suggestions on amounts for each kind of fish and any recommendations for other black/white fish. I also have chloramine treated water and have been using prime and got the plants in an attempt to combat this. Do you guys have any other suggestions for combating the chloramine as well?
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When refilling the tank after a water change, put the tap water in a bucket with prime (I actually prefer concentrated pond conditioner) stir it up and wait a few mins. Test the water to see if your water conditioner is the right ratio (0). Sometimes you need more conditioner than recommended. Penguin tetras, marble angels (2 max, no small tetras), panda loaches, and rummy nose (tails are black/white) and some skirt tetras. Cooli loaches tend to hide, I rarely see mine and they don't really add to clean-up. Nerite snails come in zebra patterns too.
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In terms of amounts of fish, since Genos already answered the rest very well, I'm a big fan of species tanks. It seems like fish are most relaxed when they're surrounded by members of their own species-- especially smaller fish like guppies, danios, etc. Tetras are schooling fish and need to be in groups of 4-6, larger is usually better.

Most pure black and white fish, other than mollies like you said, are saltwater. Black skirt tetras are black and silvery, and I believe they'd work well in your tank. Some yoyo loaches come in black and white. I'm not very familiar with loach care, so I'm not sure if they would do well in your particular tank, but you can always do outside research if you like them

You could also try some black fish and some white fish, like maybe a black betta and some white tetras might work. Good luck with the chloramine, Genos's advice is good
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