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My guppies are dying and I don't know why, help!


I am new to the forum. I recently restarted my 10G tank and did the nitrogen cycle before adding 3 male and 3 female guppies and 3 small shrimps. I have several live plants, couple elodea and a java fern. I stocked the tank about 2 months ago. After about a 2 weeks, one of the male just dropped dead for no reason. It was fine the night before and dead the next morning. I chalked it up to maybe bad stock.

Then all 3 females were pregnant. One female gave birth about a week later, and there were about 6 or 7 frys. Every was good until that female died a few days later. Things were fine for another 2 weeks. I do weekly 25-30% water change. Test water levels every 2 weeks and everything looks good. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate. My ph is a little high at 8.2 or so. I use the API test kit.

another week went by and 2nd female gave birth, and now I have 14-15 frys in the tank and all 4 adults seems fine. The last female has a lot of trouble birthing. She would lay on the bottom or go into hiding and I can see she struggled and finally she died 4 days ago without birthing. I was sad. I was looking forward to having more frys to watch.

Then couple of nights ago, I noticed one of the males started to become not as active and often would lay on the bottom, but whenever there is food, he would swim up and be his normal self. Then today I found him dead when I got home from work. He was still active and swimming with the other 2 adults this morning.

So I am losing a fish a week and I have no idea what is causing it. None of the fish have ick, I looked, no white dots. And the water quality seems fine to me. So I am not sure why my guppies are dying one by one. The frys seem to be doing ok. They are all swimming well and constantly looking for food in the gravel and nipping on the plants.

The other 2 adults are still active and I hope they'll make it. Any ideas what is killing my guppies?

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