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help with new tank

hi, all i am from Argentina my name is Pedro and I have this project.

tank size: 90cm long 50 wide 50 tall 225 liters in total
filtration: eheim pro 4 plus 250 with pre filter and an eheim surface skimmer 350 will also use a lily pipe to control flow.
temperature:eheim heater 150 watts up to 36 degrees hot.
Lights: led light chichiros 90 cm 55 watts 8200 lumens 8000k color temp.
substratum: idk the amount I need imma buy 21 kilograms of seachem flourite. (can someone tell me if im wrong with this amount).

additives/algae control: bought a twinstar nano , will get seachem safe for water changes and idk if i should get biotrace probidio or seachem flourite , also if theres any way to add co2 without the tank just adding a product. also will have some probidio stop ammo and biodigest. will i need anything else? or im putting too much?.

tests: will get api master freshwater also api no2 no3 ph gh and kh ammonia tests separately.

food: i use tetra colors (have an ramirezi electric blue and tetra neon )and will ad seachem discus supplement.(is good to comply the tetra? ).

Fish: will start with some cardinal fish (after 1 month cycle nitrogen)and when the tank is stabilized for couple months will add 2 or 3 discus (4 cm).(how many of discus tetras and botias can i add).

Plants:i liked many for what i searched they compatible ludwigia repens Rubens, ludwigia sp red, halthernantera reinecki,and hemianthus callitrichoides for what ive seen they all do good at 28 degrees.
(there are any tropical pink yellow or violet plants havent found any)

Thank you all for your time any help will be appreciated.
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Hi Pedro,

I think 225 Liters is around 60 Gallons

From what I have learned, and IMO stocking depends on the types of fish and the amount of filtration (more filtration=more capability to sustain bigger bio loads. So, Discus are sensitive to water parameters. Some people say 1 Discus per 10 gallons, but I think that just gives you an empty tank look. I've seen people usually do 1 Discus per 7 gallons meaning you can have around 8 Discus but that also depends on what type of Botias you decided to get. The less Discus the more space you have for other types of fish. Some Botais grow very large up to 20inches. Botias typically like to be in groups 4 or more and the more you get the less aggression you'll see. I would recommend a smaller species of Botias because the larger species fully grown typically need at least 100 gallons. And I would try to get some big Cardinals because I have heard of Discus eating Neon Tetras.
Hopefully my advice helps a little.
Good Luck!
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sounds like you're on the right track. I especially like using plants But that's my personal opinion.

Discus can be difficult to maintain and picky eaters. I would think easier fish would be a better choice for someone just starting out.

Something like angelfish would be a better selection in my opinion.

FWIW I use planted methods on my signature and here:

maintain Fw and marine system with a strong emphasis on balanced, stabilized system that as much as possible are self substaning.

have maintained FW systems for up to 9 years with descendants from original fish and marine aquariums for up to 8 years.

With no water changes, untreated tap water, inexpensive lighting by first starting the tank with live plants (FW) or macro algae( marine)

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This is hoy tank looks like 100x50x50
250 liters. 450 watts Heat, 2 filters eheim pro 4 200 and a canister eheim liberty 75 modified with more bio media.

6 discus 3 -4cm 2 melón 2 checkboard tirquoise 1 red map 1 red checkboard. They eat granules and food i made with heart oysters carrots garlic and egg plus jello no flavour.
20 tetra neón cardinals
6 red cherry shrimps
2 semoni cobalts

Plants i have carpet of glossotigma. Also marcillea, and ludwigia.

Im having a problem with hermafrodite snails which idk how to solve.(i Need another snail /fish who can eat them but not harm the shrimp.

Also Need recomendations for a double gauge valve for co2 since im planning on adding it (Need it without solenoid since my Country voltage is 240 ill get one here )
I went for the itronled light i upload 2 pics of the specs the blue light440-450nm red630-660. White 8500k 60 watts 8500 lumens.

Also have 22 kilograms seachem flourite substrato.
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