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Will this work?

I have a 125l with 9 tiger barbs
I would like 3 more tiger barbs
5 khuli loach
10 harlequin rasboras
And a larger single centre piece fish (any ideas?)

love Ropefish but I think they would eat the rasboras.

Like gouramis but tiger barbs would bully them.
Are red tail/ bala sharks to big and aggressive? Any other options?
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In my opinion, kuhli loaches, rasboras are good to go, but ropefish... It would do better in 200 liter aquarium. I've seen them in a few tanks as younguns and they are pretty skittish and mostly stay in a cave or something - in my experience - they get bullied :D
They would need heavily planted tank to live in piece and quiet - I don't know how they are as fat adults (regarding eating other fish).
Gouramies - depending what kind. I think pearl gourami might be bullied, but a dwarf or Three spot gourami might hold their own. :)
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Blue Acura they are pretty and quite peaceful for a cichlid. Make sure you have enough barbs to keep them preoccupied with each other. Pearl gourami are noice to. Maybe a shark? Red tail probably to most are not center piece but they look nice and are active. Barbs should keep him in check.
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Lol missed that you had rasporas. Don't put the Acura in. nom nom.
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Electric blue acara get about 6in. Sharks are too big. A honey/dwarf gourami might work well or a betta if the flow is low. A ram or dwarf cichlid species might be okay. You could always switch out the barbs for tetras. Rummy nose have lovely behavior.
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