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white particles in water and white strands in corner of tank

55 gallon tank,temp 78 ph 8 ammonia and nitrite 0 nitrate 10,gravel bed few live plants,lights on 9a-1p and 5p-9p, fish 5 rainbows,5 red eye tetras,6 neon tetras,7 green tiger barbs,3 corys, water changes Mon and Fri 25% with conditioner, filter pennplax 1500 also whisper 30-60 (canister is newer)setup only month old but filters from previous setup that was 5 months.Feed 2 times a day frozen foods and flakes. Do not feed 1 day every two weeks.Hear is the story...got a tank off of craigslist cycled it got fish here and there did not quarantine anything. 1st fish started wasting away, Not eating,clear white poop, LFS recommended melafix and pimaflex used fish died. Did research possible thought parasite LFS gave me some API med for and treated whole tank. During treatment another fish got sick distened belly then pineconed out and died.And one with clamped fins. Finished treatment. Clamped fin fish seemed better.Thought all was good.Found a great deal for another 55. Bleached tank and rinsed gravel throughly. Transferred water from old fish tank to new and filters from old tank.parameters great bought more fish and tank came with some already. No quarantine. Same clamped fish started flashing on rocks. Used aquarisol for 2 wks 2 fish died. Sparkles on other fish still so then.stopped aquarisol and just increased temp to 86 F . It has been a week. The sparkles of sugar seem like they are not going away so maybe not ich? then I noticed white particles in water and white hair like threads in corner of tank. Confused on what to do.
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Not sure why you turned it up to 86 seems like that will make things worse i.e. Stressing the fish way out and makeing the illness take hold more quickly. Also seems like your dosing alot of heavy duty chems because your worried, this could also cause stress and stressed fish don't normally get better in my experience. If it were me I would not recycle old rocks, the pathogen could have been on those rocks (might be just me)
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