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Lightbulb What should be the main attraction?

I have a 29gallon(110) liters aquarium and I started stocking it. So far I have 2 Tylomelania snails, 6 Corydoras sterbai, 6 Chinese Danio, 10 Rasbora Galaxy. So, I wanted to add 6 Ruby barbs and 5 dwarf gourami but even though on some forums people said it's ok I still think it might be too much. Any opinions on this? I was also thinking of using honey gouramis instead of dwarf since they are more peacefull. But, in the end, how many can I add.
Or what other fish would be nice as a main piece in the aquarium?
I have quite a few plants in it but they are still growing. I change the water once a week 20%.

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I would think the 5 dwarf gouramis are a bit much. they can get around 3 inches, sometimes bigger, and doing the math there, that's at least 15 inches of fish. They're also big bullies to one another, unless you get them at the same time, and even then they can still be mean to each other. I had two that I had to split because one needed to be treated for an illness, and when I put him back, they fought a lot. Had to split them. I'm not sure how 5 would do together in a 29. My 2 were in a 20 G, and had plenty of room, but still fought like the dickens.

Cories: Potentially 15 inches of fish full grown.
Chinese Danio: Potentially 9 inches of fish full grown.
Galaxies: 10 inches.
Already you have 34 inches of fish, not including snails because their bioload is usually negligible.

If you over-filter, you may be able to pull off a few barbs or dwarf gouramis. Maybe instead of getting several dwarf gouramis, you could get a blue gourami? Or an opaline gourami? They are really stunning, and take center stage in a tank. It all depends on your style.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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Ok... while everything you have posted CAN be done by experienced and prepared aquarists... you did post in the beginner forum.

Schooling fish and their requirements can easily lead to overcrowding. For beginners, it is recommended that you try to be understocked... as this increases the time between bad things happening, and death. About three species of fish to a tank usually works out as a good level of stocking.

So, realistically, you don't really need to add any more.

The general rule of thumb, and especially for novices, is only one Anabantid (Gourami, Betta, ect.) to a tank. Even then, you have to have a plan B for when the Anabantid doesn't get along with someone.

Unfortunately, you have been bitten with the bug, and you will need more than one tank to accomidate your plans. Just know... never in your life will you have enough tanks, and never will the tanks be big enough to house everything you want. Discipline.

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