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water change system

I am setting up my new 125 inwall. I am thinking about setting up a system to do water changes. let me know what you think?

I am going to drill a hole in the ceiling and put a 1/2 in pipe in the attic going to the the outside of the house. I am going to leave it capped when not used. I will put the pipe from the ceiling so it is a couple of inches short from reaching the top of the water in the tank. when I have to do a water change I will attach a coupler and the submersible pump to the line. I will very the length of the pipe attached to the coupler as to how much water I need to change. fire the pump up and in minutes the water is out of the tank.

I also want to add a hose from my RO system that is under my sink in the kitchen. I am going to add the hose to go throught the cabinets out to the garage and up into the attic down into the fish tank room. There I will have a container with a hole drilled out on the top that the hose from the RO will be sealed into the top. I will drill a hole in the bottom of that container with a valve on it that I can attach a hose to so it can just sit in the sump.

After the pump removes the water from the tank I will just open the valve in the container to replenish fresh salt water. (the container will have to have a top that I can get into so I can add the saltwater. also I will have a small powerhead in that tank to circulate the water in the container.

What do you think will this work will I run into any problems that I am unaware of?

Thanks Roger

I hope this was easy to read and understand.
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I'd say, nice idea. It sounds like it would work great. One thing, however. You may want to consider heating the water in the container otherwise you're pumping cold water right into the tank. That's the only thing I could think of. Great idea.
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thanks I have an extra heater in the garage. I will use.


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That waterline running up into the ceiling...do you think it may need a inline one-way valve???(first thought to pop into my head-scary place that it is...LOL)
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what is an inline one way valve?

like a check valve?

I was going to both sides when Im not using it.

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Originally Posted by Rogergolf66
what is an inline one way valve?

like a check valve?

I was going to both sides when Im not using it.

Yes...To keep the water from backflowing right into the tank after you disconnect the pump.

If you put one of these valves in you wont have to cap the ends.
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