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Your water parameters are pretty darn good for keeping many types of fish, nothing extreme. I'd recommend you check out YouTube since there are many very good videos out there about setting up a tank. Just remember, any bimbo can post a video so watch several and go the similar advice coming from multiple sources. Search on "aquarium cycling", "setting up new tank", etc. Have fun but be warned, the aquarium videos are very addictive!
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Originally Posted by Aurie View Post
thbeneficial bacteria are on the surface of the aquarium gravel and your decorations keep in mind when you grab a vacuum that you're not going to get 100 percent of the litter so they will always be something for them to feed on. when you start adding fish do it slowly so that way the bacteria have time to reproduce they usually do this within 24 to 48 hours so if you add one fish do another fish in a couple of days. if you Add a school of fishjust keep an eye on the ammonia levels and maybe do one or two extrA gravel vacuum the first two weeks
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Thanks for the information.

I added one fish so far.
What is the recommended way to monitor?
Do I just need to check the ammonia level from here on out? How often?

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Well if you have a 10 gallon tank you can't hold many fish and honestly the type of fish you want really depends on you, if you want to go realistic or have a brighter tank. If you want bright fish, neon tetras are fun and come in different colors, fancy tailed guppies are quite easy to take care of also. I personally have a 25 gallon tank with 4 goldfish, 3 tiger barbs, 2 black phantom tetras, a guppy, and two others. Certain fish expel a high concentrate of ammonia when the relieve themselves (like goldfish) so you would need to have something to help filter it out if you have other fish that don't take to it well. No clue if this helped you at all, I hope it did.
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Four goldfish in a 29? AND with other fish?! The jeneral rule (for fancy goldfish, if you have common goldfish, you need to give the fish to a pond...) is 20 gal for first fish, then 10 gallons after that. So you could PROBABLY put 2 goldfish in that tank.
Just wanted to mention that.
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What kind of fish did you add?

Yes, check for ammonia/nitrite/nitrate daily, and if you see ANY ammonia/nitrite, do a 50% water change with prime. Just keep an eye on readings for about a week.

Weekly water changes between 30%-50% with dechlor, and you're set!

Now, I forget. Are you doing live plants in your tank?

You should post pics of the set up! Would really love to see how it's going over there :)
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