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Question Upgrading tanks - cycling

Hi, I posted here before about my 10g but Petsmart is having a sale on 45g so I am upgrading my tank!!

For moving the fish over, I was wondering if this makes sense: my plan is to get an Aquaclear 50 and start running it on my 10g in addition to the already established filter I have on there (Aquatech 10-20, if it matters).

Will running both filters result in the new filter getting the beneficial bacteria? How long should I run the new filter on an established tank to set up the bacteria filter in it? Once it's established its bacteria, I assume I can move it to the 45g filled with treated water, but how long should I wait after that before moving fish over? (I plan on testing water parameters constantly through all of this regardless).

If this isn't something that would work, are there any suggestions on how to upgrade fish to a new tank? I will be moving everything in the 10g to the 45g in addition to extra sand, etc. Or do I just do this the long old fashioned way and completely cycle the 45g before moving the fish from the 10g, not doing anything special with filters or anything like that?
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Ok I've read a little more online. I have sand substrate and no "decor" other than plants and a piece of driftwood. If I move that to the new 45g and also add the old 10g filter, will the tank be instantly cycled? I don't have gravel or decor to hold bacteria, but I do have an established 10g filter? If I make sure both tanks are the same temp and pH can I add fish straight away and just keep an eye on parameters and do water changes?
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Nice upgrade! 45 gallon was my first “big” tank. Were it my tank, I would go with the AC70 rather than the AC50. However, I would definitely go with a canister filter over the HOB (hang on back, like the AC). They’re a little intimidating at first but I assure you they’re easier to manage. If that’s something you’re considering I can point you towards some nice canisters that don’t cost much more than the AC filters.

Yes running both filters will establish a bacteria colony in the new filter. However, a more efficient way to do it is to simply move the filter media from the old filter to the new one and be done with the old filter. So, all you need to do is set up the new tank, move the filter media from the aqua tech to your new filter and then move the fish. If your new tanks water is close to the old tanks chemistry, just dump the fish in. If it’s different, you’ll need to acclimate your fish to the new tanks water. You will be able to do it all same day - no need to wait for anything.

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Thanks! Turns out the Petsmart sale meant the tank came with a free Aqueon Quietflow 50, so I plan to use that for now to save a bit of money but plan to upgrade it at some point. I would love some info on canister filters if you don't mind! I have read a little about them but don't quite understand them. Also sounds like I'm good to move! I'm just waiting on a few things in the mail (new heater, better fishnet than my current one) and I'll move everyone over including the old filter!
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