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Upgrading from a 20 gallon to a 36-40 gallon

Hi all! I recently became more serious about my fish tank. I have 4 beautiful angel fish and they are too big for the tank. I am in the process of purchasing a larger tank. I’m scared to lose my fish! First I have to put the tank in the same place which is confusing me! How do I move the old one and put the new one? Where do the fish go? How long do I have to wait to put them in the new tank? I’ve had this tank about 10 years and do not remember cycling or waiting! Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks!!!
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First, do some major research on the nitrogen cycle so you understand how to keep the cycle going in the new tank. I would go to the local pet store and get mesh bags to put some of the substrate in to help the new tank if you plan on using new substrate. Step 1- take out the biological media, including the substrate, from the old tank (make sure to keep it wet and at least at room temp). Drain the water from old tank into a holding area for the fish (bucket, large cooler, bin etc). Keep an eye on the temp, add warm conditioned water if needed or a heater. An aerator (bubbles maker) is a good idea or plenty of live plants if you had them in the tank. Step 3- take down the old tank, keep and decide if anything needs cleaning. Step- 4 Start setting up the new tank, figure out a general layout. Step-5 Add conditioned water that is the temp of the water your angels are currently in. Hopefully, that's no cooler than 77F. Add the media, start filters, and turn on the heater (heaters will burn out if they run dry and should left off for about 15min when first put in the tank. You may need an extra heater in the tank and either another filter or a larger one. Decide one what extras you need before breaking down the old tank. Try to get the 40gal for the four angels.
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