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um. Rash decision on Satuday. Bought a betta & 2 bumblebee gobies..

The man in the shop said the bumblebees ~might~ be a bit nippy.
But I was all happy & determined & I figured since the cardinals have all survived their troubles early on, it'd be fine.

>.< Anyway what's done is done.

If you hadn't inferred this already. The bumblebees (I call them the bumblefish ) have been rather nippy.. and I'm worried about my betta (Yossarian).

I don't really want to take the bumblefish back since other than their antisocial behaviour, I really rather like them.

I'm thinking about setting up another tank. I've already found one on ebay with light, filter & heater for £30. (35 litres..)
And I'd really like it to have a soil substrate.
And get the betta out of the tank and away from the bumblebees asap.

Any tips on how to do right by my fish? =/
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Definitely separate them. Those gobies are tiny little things, aren't they? Can you separate them until you set up your new tank by putting them into a breeding box thing?

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yeah. about 1.5cm~
I've put them in a 2 litre jug floating in the tank.. =/ With a plant. I'll try and change the water in it every day. Will that be ok?

They've taken a few chunks out of Yossarian's tail already though.. is there anything I can do for him & will it grow back? =(

I'm probably going to take them back at the weekend. At least. We had 6 inches of snow. Which is a lot for the south of England. So weather dependent..
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i believe bumblebee gobies need brackish water for long term health and survival too. they are incredibly cute though!
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I actually did a little bit of research and it looks like there are several kinds - the ones I have I'm 80% certain are the freshwater variety. The others have clearer stripes or something.
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His tail can grown back. Just keep an eye out for any signs of secondary infection.
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As for your betta, his tail should be able to grow back. I'd definitely put some tea tree extract (Melafix) in the tank, that promotes healing and prevents infection. API makes it, not sure if you can find it in england....i used it for my convict cichlid who got 3/4 of her tail bitten off at one point and she's doing just fine, it grew back entirely within 2 weeks.

When you put it in, make sure you change half of the water every 3 days or so. Hope that helps!

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