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Tropical community tank mates

Can my 60 cent goldfish be safely added to my community tank??

Hi guys, I have a community of 3 Orange longfinned tetras, 2 corry catfish, and one molly.

A while back a fish store owner convinced me to take on a few “feeder” goldfish to test my water quality. He told me because of parasites and disease he only expected them to live a week or two. He was right about two of the fish, but one of the feeders has lasted about 4 months now. I’ve treated him in salt baths and after doing research about possible parasites. I don’t see any sort of visible disease on the outside of the fish.

My question now is whether or not he would be safe to introduce to my tropical community. I feel bad for him all alone.
Any advice is very appreciated !
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They're peaceful enough, but require cooler temps than most community tanks and commmon/comet goldfish get huge 12in+. I bought feeders when I was eliminating variables during a freak tank issue. But I have a 80gal and a massive goldfish pond that they will be moved to.
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Oh wow thanks for the information and response. So do you think that there is not mischief risk in spreading whatever disease he might have?
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Oh it is a risk for sure. Mine went through a long quarantine first, several died even with treatment. You're better off doing a fishless cycle... Dr Tim's on youtube has a good, short video on it.
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