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Exclamation TetraAqua products

The store that I deal with only carries TetraAqua products, so my questions are:

1- If I wanted to use more than one liquid solutions, should I do it all at once or one by one and allow an adequate time( 2-4 hours) for the solution to settle before adding drops from the other solution to my fish tank. To avoid getting cloudy-murky water?

Thank yuo
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Which of their products are you adding, and for what reason?
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I'll be adding TertraVital, PlantaMin, and crystal Water.

TetraVital: because I'm adding new fish in the tank even though I added it a week ago.
PlantaMin: to fertilize my plants after a 80% water change.
CrystalWater: because my water is a little cloudy.
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I would just add the plant ferts. Unless you have incredibly soft water the mineral additive isn't needed. The clarifier treats the symptoms rather than the problem. Seeing as you seem to have a water clarity problem, what size tank, how long has it been running, what's the test results show? We need numbers for the test results please.
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15 us gallons rectangular tank with 7 elodea plants.
today's test shows:
4-Nitrite=0.8 mg/l.
5-Nitrate=0 mg/l.
6-Ammonia=I don't have the reagent
it has been running just 5 days ago.
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Sounds like a cycling issue, cloudiness is common. If you've got fish in there, as it seems from previously posted material, you'll want to do water changes to keep the ammonia at 0.25 or less. This means you will need an ammonia test, hold off on the ferts with all the water changes.
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how often should I do my water changes?
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