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Tank cycling again! Please help! 😪

Hello everyone!

I’m in a pickle at the moment and I could really do with your help and advise! I’ve been keeping fish for 2 years now and I have just changed my tank. I’ve now got a new 80 litre tank which I cycled for 5-6 weeks back in September/October time. I can’t remember the readings now but everything seemed to be fine. Anyway I swapped the tank over and it was all fine until a few weeks ago when I had an ammonia spike of 0.5ppm. I have been checking the tank readings daily and doing 25% water changes to try and reduce the ammonia and nitrate . The current readings are:-

Ammonia 0.5ppm
Nitrate 40ppm
Nitrite 0ppm

I’m also adding bacteria into the tank with every water change. As I was planning the tank swap I forgot to keep the filter media wet 😪 I think this is what had caused the problem. I presume the tank is cycling again. 😣😭 I feel terrible because I know it’s not doing my fish any good and I’m just st a loss at what to do. A few more bits of info are-

Fish:- 2 bronze Cory cats
X5 endlers
Fighting fish
Planted tank
Aqua flow 300
Temp is 26C
Also has a air stone
Using bio safe water conditioner

Any help will be much appreciated.


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If the bacteria dried it probably died off and dead things cause ammonia spikes, plus stopping the cycle. I would rinse out all the media and use ammonia remover/larger water changes for a few days then start the cycle again with bacteria. I would try to get the nitrates down too, that's a bit high. Prioritize fish health, the corys are very sensitive and you might lose them.
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Oh and bacteria in a bottle dosen'tsurvive long once it's been opened. Best wait till you removed the dead bacteria and then use a whole bottle.
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Thank you so much for your reply! I cleaned the filter (in the tank water I took out) two days or so. I’ve done 2 25% water changes since then and I’ll test the water again today and go from there. Someone has suggested I use Seachem Prime so I’ve ordered a bottle of that and I’ll see how it goes. ☺️ I can’t belive I forgot to keep the filter wet! It only
Occurred to me the other day! I’ll keep up with the water changes and hopefully it will sort itself out soon! Thanks again for your help!
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