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Stocking 37 gallon Dalmatian Molly community tank

Hi! I am new to fish keeping in general and I would like some advice on stocking my 37 Gallon tank. I have fallen in love with Dalmation Mollies and would like to have them in my tank. I currently plan on keeping 4 (1 male and 3 females). I also plan on keeping them in a freshwater tank. I just need some help as to what to have as tankmates. I would like to keep the fry rates low as my main concern is not breeding them, though a few fry might be nice.

Cherry barbs and guppies were also quite tempting, though I have no idea what number of them I should add. I know I should add some bottom feeders so I am also wondering what plecos and cory cats I could add.

Other suggestions of fish would be highly appreciated! My tank is not yet done cycling yet but I would just like to plan ahead. Thank you for any advice as I am pretty new and inexperienced.

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Hi, I see what you are talking about, for guppies you can put A LOT of them. I would do a schooling fish like zebra danios, neon tetras, and some types of tetras. You also might be able to put anglefish. Greman ram. Blue ram. Bolivian rams are beautiful but I am not 100% sure if it will work because it depends on their pesonality. For bottom feeders, you can go with one or two bristlenose pleco or you can do 6 cries but you should have sand for them.
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