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Question Starting A New Tank

I recently acquired a 55 gallon (36Lx24Hx12D) and want to set it up at my office at work. My office has a few issues that I am just curious to see if my tank will survive.

-Often in the winter, the interior temps will go down to 62 degrees, especially on Monday since the building owner turns the heat down/off over the weekends. Once the heat is on and running, I can keep it around 68-70 ambient temp.
-I have an interior office with no windows. I don't plan to have a planted tank, so I am not too worried about hours of light, per say. I can put a timer on the light to have it off and on while I'm not in the office.

My main concern is the office temp. would I need to buy a better heater to keep the temp consistent when the room temp isn't?

I'd hate to kill fish because of the sometimes chilly conditions.
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You could just get a heater and set it to whatever temp you want. I would suggest a size up from the recommended due to the extra demand of the low temp weekends.

Now, what temp your tank needs to be is dependent on what fish you pick. For example, if you went with fish that preferred cooler water, you wouldn’t need to worry about heating it. Then there are temperate fish, which are fish that experience a warm and a cold season. Many aquarium fish fall into this category, and they are tolerant of seasonal temperature swings. For them you would want to consider a heater and set it for a minimum and your tanks temp can fluctuate as it does in nature, within a safe range. Then there are tropical that don’t tolerate cool water very well, which brings us back to my original suggestion of an overpowered heater to handle the lows. If I recall correctly, recommended heater power is based on raising the water temp 10 degrees above ambient air temp.

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Good advice from jaysee

Originally Posted by zatch16 View Post
would I need to buy a better heater
This makes me ask if it came with one. If so, I'd still buy another, but consider running one at each end. It is a good backup. That is, if you go with tropical instead of coldwater fish. That's what I'd do if it was me. That way, you don't worry about temp problems.
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sound like a good heater or two is what you need.

I have goldfish on a tank on my back porch with three sides the outside you walls and the forth a screen. temperatures here get down to the teens (F). I use 2- 300 watt heaters to keep the temperature up but still it drops down in the 50's F or so. gold fish do just fine. But a former similar setup killed platties when it got down to 65 or so.

my .02

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