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SOOO I SCORED big time on Craigslist.. check what i got for $100

So I was browsing craigslist for fish tanks, namly odd shaped ones like hexagons and stuff... as I wanted to get a bigger tank in my bedroom then my 27g hexagon... I love my hexagon its a great shape... but its too small for some of the fish I want to keep in my bedroom.. Im in my bedroom like 90% of the time im in the house because my desk is in here and so forth.

Anyway, I found a 44 Gallon Pentagon, the man said hell take any good offer.. So I offerd $100 for the tank and stand and said I didn't want the light filter or heater(because im sure he wanted more then $100 for the tank and stand alone let alone for it all)

Well he said he wanted to get rid of the tank.. His wife hated it, and he needs to get it out of his house and hell give me everything for 100$... Good deal right ?

I arrive at his house and he gives me EVERYTHING.. I got 4 Power heads... 3 Duel Air Pumps... 3 heaters... 2 150 watt normal heaters.. and 1 fancy looking one with a big dial on it that's separate and has what looks like a thermometer with a suction cup I m guessing to check the other side of the tanks temp ? I got a automatic feeder.. 8 LED lights.. these are separate lights with suctions cups on them that swivel in all directions... pretty cool if you ask me.. I also got a emperor bio wheel filter

Now for the big one.. The light is a QUAD T5 HIGH OUTPUT lamp... Its from the brand Orbit... Is Orbit any good ? Its got 2 legs to sit lifted above the tank, and it has a fan that turns on when the blue actinic light is turned on. Yes its a coral tank light... BUT it only has 2 Actinic lights.. The other 2 are normal daylight bulbs...

The bulbs are weird bulbs.. for me anyway.. They have only 1 plug in end.. and the duel bulbs are together in one unit.. not separate like regular t8's or t5's. Im assuming this means its going to difficult to order new lighting.. All 4 bulbs need replaced.. Obviously im not using 2 actinic lights (1 is blue the other is purple) Each duel light says its 65 watts.. So the fixture has a total of 130 watts of lighting... wow.. That crushes my other tanks

SOOO what do you guys think ? I scored big time didn't I ? The light fixture alone new is like $250... I bleached and scrubbed the heck out of everything the tank was NASTYYY

2x 2.6g betta
5.5g Betta tank
30g Long
92g corner bowfront
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Nice!! :D

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Great deal! Enjoy :)
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