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Cool! Artificial vs real doesn't really long as both provide hiding places, spawning sites, and shelter...when my cichlids get large and destructive I usually go artificial too...really its just novel right now for me because this is the first time I've had success with the past I was the cause of many a plants death....not sure how safe this is, but I used to get my artificial plants at a craft shop out here called Michael's....large, realistic, and CHEAP....for better looking than those at lfs...didn't see any signs of deterioration either...
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Sorry to bug again...but I was thumbing thru the net and came across numerous really awesome tanks housing cardinals or neons and discus...while Ive raised gouramis, I've never done discus (hope I'm spelling that right)...but always wanted to....just a thought....they're really beautiful looking together....
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Cardinals are a common choice with discus because they like warmer water. Neons actually prefer colder water.

Discus are an option, though I have heard that they are a lot of work - big reason why I don't have them. And I don't heat my tanks.

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Thanks jaysee....NeilD sorry I gave u a bunk suggestion....I never new this, and thus never had luck with I feel terrible, having placed them in my warmer tanks...rather than research I just went with the fish store guy...never again.
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Originally Posted by Bongox3 View Post
...rather than research I just went with the fish store guy...never again.
Seems to be a common theme. You really just don't know what you don't know until you know... you know?


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Alright, so I went to my LFS to see the fish IRL, and I fell in love with the blue dwarf gourami. I remember reading only 1 per tank? More?

I also saw honey gouramis. I still need a number on how many or what sort of mix (m:f)

I also saw some pretty looking neons (good size too). I plan on 20 neons with an assortment of gouramis. *in an urgent voice* I NEED NUMBERS PEOPLE haha

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Did u get em?
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No my tank isn't set up. I just went to see what options they had and how big the fish REALLY were.

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Got it...the hardest part is the wait...ok, best wishes....
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*mind change again*

Alright, now it feels like I'm just changing my mind...I'm fairly certain on the rasboras, but I saw some dwarf gouramis and fell in love with them... how many (powder blue) dwarf gouramis? I hear they're more aggressive, so only one? A combination of dwarf and pearl? (I know they ARE different species)

Thanks for putting up with my questions!

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