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Potential Snail Infestation in 5 Gallon Tank

Hi everyone!

My betta, Branson, passed away a week ago. Though I think it was swim bladder, I'd read that it was a good idea to let the run empty for 1-2 weeks to kill of anything bacterial. I recently got new plants from my LFS to put in so that the tank will be ready when I'm ready to to get another betta.

Tonight, I noticed a baby snail on one of the tank decs. I removed it and put it in a small tupperware container with a couple of small pieces of the hornwort (probable culprit), hoping it would just be the one snail. While watching the snail less than an hour later, I noticed that there were in fact, 2 baby snails of differing size in the tupperware container when I only put one in intentionally. There are likely more where those two came from, though I haven't seen them yet.

I've read that having a small population of snails can be helpful, but also that ride-along snails tend to breed like crazy. I know the bio-load is low for a 5-gallon and I already have a nerite snail in there, so I doubt it would go well to try and have additional snails. I'd like to get this taken care of before introducing a new fish. I've dipped the hornwort in question in a water/kosher salt mixture and rinsed it again in treated water to hopefully take care of any remaining eggs. I may do a bleach-dip tomorrow just to be sure. Is there anything else (preferably humane) I can do to quell the infestation? Would it be possible for me to move the nerite and treat the whole tank somehow?

Many thanks!
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