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Question Ph drop.

I used to have ph around 7.8+ when i started this tank. I hadn't checked the ph in a while till now. And its at 6.4-6.8 .

My question is . Is this still healthy for my Ram? I have some live plants in there and some driftwood . I m not sure if thats what dropped my ph or its probably the bottled water im using to do the wc with.

Everything is fine other than my danios dying which i think its stress caused by the b olivian ram. He seems to be picking on them more and more as he grows.

Today I saw the ram swimming up and down the glass. So im worried he wants out because of a bad ph or something.
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Well some of the culprits could be the driftwood although you don't usually see that significant of a drop from just a piece or two of driftwood. The bottled water could do it though that largely depends on how they bottle it and what the pH is where its bottled.

Test the pH of the water you're using and just for kicks test your tap water too.

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Its not really "bottled" . We have some water mills (not reallymills) but they look like it from different company's around here . So its more like just purified water.

Ive tested that water before and everything was good.. I just cant remember exactly how much the ph level was.

Ill check it again today when i do another wc
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"Purified" water is often done wth an RO process that removes most of the minerals from the water. the end result is water so soft that any acidic compounds like the nitrates in your tank will drive the pH down easily. If you have been using "purified" water for a significant time, there may be almost no buffering capability left in your tank water. I would use at least some tap water in the mix to start bringing things back to normal. Rams are tolerant of very soft water so they may be OK in your tank but it sounds dangerous to me to allow the water to get that low in minerals.
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Yeah you are right... I tested the water and it does have a very low ph .. I did a 25% water change with the purified water today . Should I do another 10% wc tomorrow with tap water?
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I certainly would add in some tap water. I believe that I have read that water in Texas tends to be quite hard with a high pH so you may not want to go all the way back to pure tap water in the tank. Some kind of blend might be better in the long run.
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Yeah.. Im going to do 5g purified and 5g tap .. Ill try that and see what happens. I just ordered a Liquid test kit ( 5 test) on ebay for 13dlls +7dll for shipping.. I ran out of the strip ones.. And yeah ph from tap is pretty high

Thanks For helping Ghreed and Tyyrlym

I need everything stable again to order another 3 bolivian Rams :)

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If you're gonna start to mix water my advice is to do it in a measured way and consistently. For instance if you're going to do a 75/25 mix of purified to tap then consistently use that mixture from now on. A 25% water change once a week with a mixture like that will slowly bring your water to where you want it to be. Never make a significant change in water chemistry too quickly.

The 75/25 is an example, I don't know what kind of mix ratio you're looking at.

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