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Unhappy Penn Plax Cascade canister filter = dead fish?

I cleaned out my tank and pruned back some of the plants, sucked the gravel, and changed the HOB filter elements. Tank also has an undergravel filter. A pair of discus in the tank spawned (on the heater which obviously was not a good choice) the next day, so things must not have been too "off" after the cleaning. A couple of days later, I decided to switch out the HOB filter for a Penn Plax Cascade 1200 filter, which by the way sounds like a cement truck. Ran 5 gallons of fresh water through the filter elements (all new) before hooking it up to the tank. Next day, all the discus, Siamese algae eaters, neons, and a farlowella cat dead or in extremis. Plecos and corys still seem fairly OK. Did not change food (bloodworms, brine shrimp, flakes, pleco discs). Water chemistry OK with slightly high nitrates (seems to be that way all the time).
Any ideas?
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I use that canister and find it to be super quiet. I would re-prime it. If the trays are not clicked into place it will not work properly. It takes about a dozen pushes on the button to prime it. What are your exact parameters now? When I first switched over to the cascade I used seeded media.
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I sucked out about 1/3 of the water and replaced it. The discus quit dying, but I'm left only with 3 out of 7. All tetras but one died. All SAE died. Only the bottom feeders fared well.
The filter noise is the impeller. I didn't need seeded media because of the under gravel filter. I have the requisite white fluffy filters, one sponge filter, a pack of charcoal, and a Purigen pack.
Hope things settle down. Probably will change some more water tomorrow.
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