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New tank , perfect levels...

I set up a brand new 55 gallon freshwater, no live plant tank.
I used the Startup fluid for some good bacteria help... added some fish food each day, replaced some water, heater on (tank therm reads 80deg F), Big als generic water conditioner setup and changes.....
anyway.... i was gonna cycle with some hardy zebra Danios, but so far using just the fishless cycle (only been about a week).... levels have been perfect. soooo.... could i still add some zebra Danios ... obviously still doing what i have been doing and keeping an eye on water perameters... and it not be so hard on the fish?
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When you say the levels are perfect do you mean there have been no occurrence of nitrites or nitrates, and no fluctuations or any ammonia at all? If so then, if the tank has been up and running for 2 weeks, you can add them and if you're concerned about their wellbeing as they go through the cycle add some aquarium salt! :)
And I'm not familiar with water changes throughout the cycle? When I started up my 70g, I set it all up, was adding the fish food but had no changes after two weeks so I then was told that it was time to add some 'cycle fish', I got platies instead of danios and and then within another two weeks the cycle was complete! I had made no water changes, it's part of the cycle process so the bacteria can develop, and then as you probably know, once your cycle is complete do the big 80% waterchange. So all up it took a month to have the cycle complete :D
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yes, 0 nitrite, nitrate .20, chlorine 0, amonia 0
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I'd say add the fish and some aquarium salt :)
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Just add your fish in stages, 3 or so at a time shouldn't mess up your cycle to much
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added some fish and all seem to be doing well... no changes in readings after a few days. I will do the larger water change after a few more weeks.... thanks all !!

Originally Posted by Fishsquish View Post
I'd say add the fish and some aquarium salt :)
oh, fishquish meant to ask.... what exactlly does the aquarium salt help with? in your opnion.
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