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New 75 Gallon Stock Help?

So after my Oscar died, I decided to buy a new tank to star over this time going with a 75 versus my 60 gallon. All I have right now is the tank, stand, driftwood and lighting(coralife h.o.). I could use my Emperor 400 for filteration I suppose but I was thinking about buying a sump or canister filter. When I went to buy the tank, the guy at the pet store told me that using a sump would be over kill and that I should stick with a smaller filter.
What do you guys think?
Also, I'm not 100% sure on how to stock the tank. I was thinking about having a baby whale, baby dolphin and a few elephant nose like a tank my grandmother used to have when I was little. When I mentioned this to the pet store guy, he said I should have 7 elephant nose, 2 baby whales and a baby dolphin and that I could add more later on since that will barely stock the tank. I'm not sure but I feel like that is really overstocking.
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Sorry to hear about the oscar, they can become a part of the family.

I can't speak for those fish I don't know much about them.

But I will say a sump is a good idea, they take a little more time to set up but the give you a huge number of benefits. Any size tank can use a sump tank and a 75g would be a great choice. Here is what I sump does well.

1-Adds water volume to your tank. The more water you have in the tank means changes happen slower, ie you have more room for toxins to build up, and water will hold the heat longer.

2- When you are pumping water back into your tank you will be creating current and most fish enjoy those.

3- Makes a good recovery tank. If you have a fish that is getting picked on and you want to keep them safe you can keep them in your sump tank(depending on how you set it up). This will mean they get all the benefits of stable water but no risk of getting hurt by other fish. You don't want this to be a quarantine tank for sick fish. I have heard of people taking a fish out of their main tank and keeping them in the sump tank so they could feed them more, this allowed the fish to grow faster so they caught up with the ones in the main tank.

4- Grow plants in your sump(again depends on setup) you can grow plants where your fish won't dig them up and move them to the main tank when they are big enough.

5- Doing all your filtering in a sump means you can filter a huge amount of water in a small area, this would allow you to over stock your tank(up to a point) and still have clean water.

6- Putting heaters in your sump means they won't be damaged by your fish. You said you had a oscar so you probably know they can damage heaters this will keep that from happening.

7- With your filter and heater in the sump you have more room in the tank for fish to swim.

8- Makes doing water changes easier because you can just add the water right into the sump and it will get pumped into the main tank the fish never know it happened.

I have seen a lot of the salt water guys use sumps on their tanks as small as 20g. The only difference is salt water it's important to have stable water so the sump is a good choice. With fresh water stable isn't as important but you would still get all the benefits.

Congrats on the 75g those are becoming my favorite tank size, tons of fish options. I'm buying 4 this summer for my fish room.

You can follow Old Fort Exotics on You Tube and on my Fish room thread.

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