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New 30 gallon tank cycled in a week? O_o


I received a new 30 gallon tank (18x18x24) for Christmas and in my excitement ran out and bought a bunch of plants for it the next day (Crypt, Java fern, Amazon sword, pennywort, Anubias and Sag grass). I used Caribsea eco complete as a substrate with a little bit of Fluvals substrate mixed in for a little sass. Im using a finnex planted 16 light.

After planting I siphoned off about 2.5 gallons from my 5 gallon planted beta tank and added a little crushed up fish food to start cycling.

Ive had a little plant melt and some brown algae but nothing too major.

I started testing the water a few days later and found my ammonia was at around 0.75 ppm. I was surprised to see my nitrites were also reading at about 0.75. Nitrates were at 0. However during the next few days, my ammonia and nitrites went down, and I started getting a reading for nitrates. Im surprised to see this happen so fast.

Yesterday, I checked and my ammonia was reading somewhere between 0 and 0.25 ppm, I was showing no nitrites (?) and my nitrates were around 5 ppm.

Assuming Im running the test correctly (probably, right?) is it possible my tank has cycled, or is it more likely that my plants are throwing off my readings? Does this indicate that my plants would be able to offset any load introduced by a fish? I was thinking about testing again tomorrow and if my ammonia and nitrites are still at 0 adding one or two hardy fish as new tank astronauts.

If this doesnt sound right, how will I know when my tank has finally cycled if Im not getting readings for ammonia or nitrites? Whats a good fish to start with if Im not a fan of danios?

Thanks everyone!
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Was the substrate you used in water already? Some of them already have a bacteria colony, in this case yep it can cycle that fast. Maybe watch it another week. Most of your tetras/rasboras would be fine in the tank as is, the plants should help with the added bioload. Just start with 3-4 and add more in a week or two. Danios are bonkers.
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