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That should be fine, although I would be a little more worried if you were to add one of the more expensive L-number plecos. I believe many of those are wild-caught and might not acclimate to the high pH as well (plus they're expensive).

Remind me: what're your plans for the 10g? If it's fish-free, don't let it sit around for very long without fish in it or it'll un-cycle itself.

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Right now, it's completely full still, plants are floating on the surface, cause I had to take em all out to catch the fish lol. I was starting to get mad at my fish for not swimming into the net! LOL. For the 10 gallon, I want to make it a quarantine tank, but not quite sure how to do that. Do I just leave it setup all the time, and throw fish food in every day like I had to do with my 30? I just don't like the idea of "wasting" the food. Not wasting, but youknow what I mean.

Otherwise, I was thinking of getting just a couple fish for the 10...maybe some swordtails or something. Or a betta... on bettasplendens she has some beautiful ones I've jaw dropped over.

At the same time, I think it would be best to take the 10 gallon down for now, cause it's deteriorated in the corners, coming unsealed and stuff.... and that's not good!

What to do, what to do...
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Do you have room in your 30 gallon to run your 10 gallon filter also? This way you can break down the tank to clean/repair it and when you need it the filter will still be cycled. If you don't have room for the whole filter keep an extra sponge in your 30 gallon filter to use in the 10 gallon when you need it. I can't recall what type of filters you have on these tanks.

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Thanks jeanine, good idea! =D I just use the penguin biowheel filters. And both the 30 and 10 gallon one hold the same cartridge size so taht would be a good idea. I could put the whole filter on to I spose.

I know I probably s houldn't have done this yet, but I will monitoring my tank like a hawk. I added 4 more red eye tetras, so now I have 6 of them. :) I know, I know... I should have quarantined first... but I wanted to see them school. lol. You'll all definitely hear about it if my whole tank breaks out with some nasty disease though, and it will all be my fault. lol. But I have a very good LFS in town here, so I hope that won't happen. I've never had any problems with the fish I've gotten there..... but yea, yea still should have quarantined! I also got one more piece of driftwood, but tank still looks bland... don't know what it is exactly... need more color I think. And the red gravel in back and white in front, I don't think I like to well... plus I don't want my fishes colors to get washed out. But I'm not even gonna attempt changing that out right now. That woudl be insanity. x.x
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