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I will admit that i know VERY little about fish/aquariums. But thats the reason i signed up here lol. so i could learn me some fishies.

Me and my cousin are trying to find somewhere to buy the right type of glass for a HUGE tank. Like enormous.

But anyway. The store that i bought the ray from said he was a very peaceful ray unless hes being bothered/scared. All the fish i have now seem to be getting along pretty well so far. so i dont think thats much of a problem. As long as the fish are longer than an inch the ray wont eat em or anything.

I bought the angelsifh ray and black ghost knife from a legit fish store, they told me what to do, what to feed them and that i would need a bigger tank eventually. But the other fish i just got from petco, so i mean they dont know what the hell they are talking about.

Anyways, The catfish are Pictus catfish i believe, they are about 3 in long with spots right now. The angelfish is like 2 in and the 3 other gold ones are like 3 in long as well. The black ghost is about 4 in. The ray is 4 in. in diameter.
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Yes impulse buying lol.. I am notorious for impusle buying. I bought a 300$ remote control big wheels, played with it twice and then gave it away a month later :P LOL. Oh and just to be sure you know I wasn't mocking you, I was mocking pet stores and the priceless advice giving people they employ..

I am another soul happily lost to the aquarium addiction..

150gal freshwater
7 Angels (2 marble, 1 blue diamond, 1 leopard, 1 not too sure & 2 Koi)
10 Serpae Longfin Tetras
6 Congo Tetras
2 Clown Loachs
2 Gold Gouramis
1 Dwarf Blood Gouramis
1 Blue Gourami
1 Moonlight Gourami
2 Baby Hypostomus plecostomus
1 Grey Bichir (4 1/2" - 5 ")
1 Crab
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Well, keep in mind that if you choose to keep the ray, he is your responsibility. Rays are wild caught creatures that have not been bred in captivity and often live over 20 years. Anything that may happen from poor husbandry is on your conscience.

On the other hand, I would kill for a ray, and if I had a basement, I would get one. My friend is moving to a house in Taiwan with an indoor koi pond which she intends to keep rays in instead. Perfect place for them!

It's time to start planning, saving and doing *lots* of research. This is going to be an expensive pet.

The best way to build your own mega tank is to make most of it out of plywood sealed with aquarium safe sealant. Most people build it with a glass "window" on one side, but since rays like such wide aquariums, and are best viewed from above, I'd probably build it more like a pool, with wood sides to be viewed from above. Perhaps check out some of the "touch pools" in aquariums for inspiration?
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I've read about people breeding the freshwater rays in very large tanks. That guy with the 50,000 gallon in his basement has bred them. As far as I know, though, the vast majority of rays sold in stores are wild caught.

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and indoor koi pond thats cool idea. you know how people set up like weeping walls. you could do a wicked waterfall down your wall and have like a 3 foot deep like 300 gallon ray tank at the bottom. just have it take up like the whole corner of a room. that would rock! i may have to do this when i buy a house.
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