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Question My 1st fish tank

Hello everybody,

I already have a fish tank for a year but so far I only had guppies. I want to improve my fish tank and get some new members to join my fish family. I have a few questions but first this is everything you need to know about my tank.

1.My tank is:

Width: : 50 centimeters (19,96 inches)
Height: 30 centimeters (11,81 inches)
Depth: 24 centimeters (9,45 inches)
So that makes aproximately 36 liters (9.3 gallons)

2.I own

15 guppies
A little catfish ( I don't know it's exact sort)
And of course there popped a few little snails up in my tank.

Ok so I want to improve my fishtank, here are a few questions:

First, my pump broke down, does someone reccomends a particular type?

In the past my guppies bred insanely fast, so I want a fish that can take care of the fry population. I was thinking about a molly, angle fish, ... What's the best option?

I need to take out snails from my tank regularly because otherwise the tank will get overpopulated, I was thinking about getting two male/ two female anentome helena (doesn't matter as long that they stay the same gender) but if my tank runs out of little snails what do I have to feed them?

And finally I have to clean my whole tank every month because it gets really dirty, how do I avoid that?

Thanks for your help and sorry for the bad English
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum.

Your tank, 10 gallon, would be too small with 15 Guppies and Fry to add anything else.

Over feeding will increase your snails so feed less and potentially the adult Guppies might eat their own fry.

Can't advise on a pump... I'm in Canada, don't know what brands you have access too. But get some kind of filter on that tank asap if you don't have one. Was the pump for an air stone?

You should not be cleaning the tank in full every month. Have you "cycled" your tank? I can point you to reference materials on cycling if you need them.
Do you test your water parameters with a test kit? Are you doing weekly water changes and siphoning the gravel?

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Thanks for the response!

Is the tank still too small even if I add just 2-3 molly's? It would be nice to have a little bit of diversity :)

I do weekly changes but that doesn't change the fact that the "thrash" of the fish piles up, but I'll get a better pump so I hope it wil take care of that problem. I've never cycled the water yet, actually I don't really know what you have to do... I let the water were I am about to put my fish in untouched for a week or something but I don't know if that's good, a friend of mine told me to do so.
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Chances are, if you've had the tank running for a year that it is cycled. But you should test your water parameters for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates just to be sure. Get a good liquid test kit. Ammonia and nitrite levels should be at 0 and nitrates should ideally be kept under 20ppm.
To clean up the mulm at the bottom of the tank you should be vacuuming the gravel when you do your weekly water changes. And, i agree, with 15 guppies and an unknown catfish you are fully stocked. Can you post some pics and we can id the catfish for you.

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Oh no, I just found out one guppy needs a gallon of water! I have to do better research, I have to much of them...
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I thought too that you just might be cycled but without the test kit... or a full description of what you do when you "clean" the tank once a month we can't tell.
I say that because at one time I used to tear down my entire 90 gallon, rinse the gravel under the tap, scrub everything clean and set it up again with new water 2 x a year. YIKES!! is all I can say now.

So... when you say you clean it, what do you do?

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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