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Live Food Appreciation

So, I get a call a few days ago from a friend of mine. He was in San Fransisco and said he was at his favorite fish shop and he bought me something. He showed up at my house with a bag with 4 small silver tiger angels. I was overjoyed and got them settling into my tank. However I noticed something else.

There was a small bag of what looked like mud.

"What's this?"


I had seen the frozen cubed and freeze dried ones but never live. He told me how to keep them. It was around 11 when I finally got the angels settled. After putting the worms in a container I was a little grossed out by them. I decided to maybe try them tomorrow.

I always like feeding my fish, I think they behavior is pretty comical. I finally got up the nerve to try out the bloodworms. I noticed them squirming in the container and I just decided to grab a pinch of them and toss them in. The small clump dispersed in the water and they wriggled while they sank to the bottom. My angels INSTANTLY knew what was up and greedily darted for the worms. It was so cool to see them just go crazy over the wriggling little worms.

My corys lit up as well and Nom'd their way through all the ones that hit the substrate. My platys on the other hand don't seem to care much, haha.

It is amazing how much joy $1 worth of worms is giving me... I enjoy feeding times so much.
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I know how you feel, just picked up a white worm culture at an auction recently, they are doing great and all the fish seem to like them.
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nothin like live foods to perk up your fish...its nice to have a culture like sox i do daphnia...i would like to try the ****e worms though...not to much hassle with them....for the smaller fishes...

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I use an eyedropper to suck them up and feed to the fish if you don't want to use your fingers. Squirmy, squishy worms can be kinda gross. lol

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