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Unhappy Leaking Aquarium!

SOo.. to add to the terrible day I am having, my 55 gallon tank that I JUST got off of craig's list about a week and a half ago sprung a leak. It hasn't even finished cycling! :(

Everything I read online describes a leak as a drip, barley noticeable, this was more then that. It was more like a steady stream of water escaping. The cleanup has all been taken care of, and all my cycling is now been set back to square one, I imagine.

What I was wondering is... do you guys think I should buy a new tank? or should I reseal this one? My husband wants to try to fix this one, but I am afraid of it not working. This tank looks old, the glass has a greenish tint... I am not sure if that is normal with new tanks or not. It also looks like there might be a tiny crack in the glass I just noticed that appears to have been repaired with a smudge of acrylic. I only paid 150 for the tank, stand, filter etc... so I don't feel too screwed over.

Oh, and I felt the seal, it isn't hard... it's pliable like it should be.

What should I do?

Also, is there a way to speed up the cycle when I fix this?
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You can drain it and use silicone, or go buy some underwater epoxy made specifically for aquariums and use it without draining it all the way.

As far as rushing the cycling, you can't rush perfection.
Then again, if you want to fill it up with plants, you won't have to worry about cycling at all.

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^^ genius

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I actually want to fully plant this tank. How many, what kind of plants would i need? Would 2x 32w fluorescent bulbs be sufficient? What about 4x 32w fluorescent bulbs? (I don't want to mess with co2)
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I found a crack on the bottom of my previous tank. I've no idea how long it had been there or whether it was there when the tank was filled or whether the tank actually leaked from the crack (there was a plastic bottom on the outside of it so that may have kept the water in). The mere possibility of it leakage was enough for me to get a new tank and not risk it. I simply could not have coped with a leak (I've got timber floors). I suppose it makes a difference if you can be sure that mending it will be sound enough not to present the risk of leakage and how willing you are to accept the risk (if there is any).
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If the tank was already leaking and there are visible cracks, I would drain it, let it dry and try to repair it in the very least and possibly look for a new tank. 55g of water on your floor doesn't sound like too much fun, and a very small leak could turn into total tank failure in an instant.

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As far as your wuestion to lighting 2x32w would be fine for a 55g. I had 2x30w over mine. Be sure the K rating (kelvin) is around 6500k per bulb.
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Well I don't know where you live but if you have a petco near by they are having a dollor per gallon tank sale, and the 55 gallon is included in that sale. Otherwise I would just reseal, but heck you can't beat $55 for a brand new 55 gallon.
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I wouldn't take the chance if it were me. But that's just my humble opinion.

Good luck if you decide to repair it.

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