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Cheers for all the information i will have to have a look at what plants to get :D The canister filter looks really neat and if its silent just means more room inside the tank which is a good thing haha.

Thanks Adam. :)
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Another question to ask ha ha i looked in to saltwater tanks and they use live rock to help with nitrate levels etc So i was wondering would fresh water bacteria colonise the same kind of rock and do the same helpfull processes?

Cheers adam.
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That's not something you want to be doing in this kind of tank. Basically, live rock is shaped such that it's porous but deep inside there's little to no oxygen, promoting the growth of anaerobic bacteria that convert nitrate (the end product of "regular" aerobic bacteria) to nitrogen gas. Great thing to have in a fully saltwater tank (especially one that utilizes things like protein skimmers and activated carbon to reduce the amount of materials that would result in nitrate formation in the first place) but I'd not go this route in a mildly brackish tank. Instead, I'd go the traditional freshwater route: control nitrate levels with water changes and plants. Unfortunately, there aren't really a lot of plants available that do well in brackish water conditions that also grow fast enough to really do much to nitrates. Java fern and java moss should be alright, though.

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Ok cheers :D was just wondering if the same princaples would apply in a freshwater tank as information all over the internet was quite misleading ha ha.

Thanks Adam
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The beneficial bacteria will colonize on a surface within your tank, no need to things like live rock. Lava rock provides lots of surface area for bb to grow as well, but I personally took the large beautiful piece I had out because it was so sharp I didn't want fish to injure themselves on it. However my mosquito fish in my pond love it and they don't appear to be injured (they burrow under it and everything). Sorry, tangent.

Can't wait to see the final product of your tank : )

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