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Help tank and fish overgrown by fungus overnight

Hi i just wrote a really detailed post but for some reason i got logged out and lost my progress so im going to try to explain this quick as i'm at work,

I set up a tank and had it cycled 3 weeks ago I bought a betta but it died to what I thought was my Son overfeeding it stopped eating stayed at top of tank and pineconed i gave it an epsom salt bath it passed a stool then with in minutes it died (not knocked out)

I tested water after removing fish and paremeters were at 10-15ppm nitrates no and a scarce amount of ammonia but the dead fish was in there it made sence,

So I bought a goriami and 3 guppys, the goriami got hurt by the old man at the lfs with a bad netting situation, 2 days after adding the fish i noticed the fish had a white mark on its mouth and the day after cottonwool looking stuff hanging near gills/front fins, so i got the interpet mouth/fin rot meds, took out my carbon filter and dosed accordingly 2 of the guppys have been acting normal, 1 of them was at the top alot but was getting bullied by the dominant guppy, however last night they were swimming still in the filter current, so I googled it and came to the conclusion that there wasnt enough air so i adusted the spray bar for more air flow, everything looked fine then this morning this the fish tank and fish are overrun with fungus,
can anyone tell me what the heck has happended?

I think my test stips lied to me

one more thing when cycling with seachem stability and fish food some of the food grew white fungus could this be the sorce?
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sorry to double post but i cant figure out how to upload the images i have of the tank, currently my drift wood and aquarium silicone is infested with this fungus
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Pics that guppy was completely fine last night
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