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HELP. My Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is Dying.

My EBJD is probably about a inch and a half long. Hes has had ICH for the past couple days and it is covering his whole body so it seems. I just started treating the tank for ich last night. Anyway, I get home from work today and notice that he is in his corner, just laying there. He’s usually all up in my face swimming around. I’m so concerned that I actually just made this Fourm account because I have no idea what to do. And I guess my question is, has anybody seen this activity in their Juvenile EBJD? Does he stand a fighting chance to live? If so what should I do? I appreciate any feedback possible.
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I am by far no expert (I am pretty new to keeping fish), but I have done a lot of research lately on varying fish topics. I came across this article that you may find helpful:

Preventing Ich

You can try adding some salt to the water to raise the temperature to a level that the parasites can't live in, also conducting partial water changes to rid the tank of those parasites while not disturbing any good bacteria that may be in the water or substrate. Temperatures from 78-80 degrees F may be helpful in killing the parasites (but you will have to do partial water changes, too, remembering to use conditioner each time). 86 degrees F is ideal for killing ich parasites, but your fish may not do well over 80 degrees F, hence why I would keep it at around 79. You can try doing that for about a week, or until your fish shows signs of healing. All the while, you should still be adding the recommended amount of the chemical you are using to treat ich (multiple approaches can't hurt).

Also, if your fish does live through the ich sickness and recovers, it will be more or less immune to the parasite in the future; it will have a stronger immune system at the least.

Again, no expert here, but just have done lots of reading lately about fish-related information. I hope this helps! Let us know how it works out!

~Sharing what I have learned with other new aquarists; not professing to be an expert.
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Raise your temp up to 83F for a few days and make sure oxygen levels are high. What meds are you using?
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