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! Help me stock !

Hey everyone. I am having trouble stocking my 20g long planted tank. I currently have 4 julii cories, 4 red-finned tetras, a siamese algae eater, and a couple otocinclus. I want to get another species of fish, but I am having a "stocking block" (mentally). what are yalls ideas? Thanks everyone :)

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I would get two more cories and two more tetras. Then, I would add a single dwarf cichlid as a centerpiece fish. A ram, kribensis, nannacara or apistogramma would work nicely.

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I agree about getting a few more cories and tetras. They look wonderful in groups of 6 or more. If you don't want to go with dwarf cichlids, you could also go with a dwarf gourami, or a few sparkling gouramis. Have fun!
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